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8 Ways to Improve Your Landscaping Website


1. Write more content

List your services, describe your landscaping design approach, or highlight your team members. Information like this can help sell prospective customers before they even pick up the phone.

2. Take a hard look at your design

As a professional landscaper, it’s important to show your eye for design. If your website is outdated, it sends the wrong signal to customers. There are plenty of affordable website designers and services for small businesses that can help you achieve an updated look.

3. Link to your reviews

If you have an online profile with reviews, be sure to link to them from your website! Depending on the reviews platform, you may also be allowed to republish the content to your own testimonials page.

4. Optimize for search engines

It can make a huge impact on your business if you’re able to show up in search results when customers in your area are searching for landscapers. Use relevant keywords and SEO best practices to help search engines understand your website better.

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5. Upgrade your images

Today, modern-looking websites have beautiful, high-resolution graphics. Consider having a professional photographer take some photos of your work to use on your website.

6. Make sure it works on mobile

Have you looked at your website from your phone or tablet? Plenty of people are checking out your site on the go, so be sure it’s optimized for all screen sizes.

7. Highlight your contact information

Don’t just include it on one page of your website. Add your phone number to the header or right side of every page. Even better, add a button for customers to ‘Schedule a Quote’ or ‘Contact Us’.

8. Get ready for more leads

If you’ve done everything on this list, you’ll surely have more leads coming in soon. Make sure you have a good process in place to follow up with customers within 24 hours of receiving their request.

Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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