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Landscaping Logo Ideas for Your Landscaping Business

Updated: 07/24/2018

Does Your Landscaping Business Need a New Logo?

1. Are you starting a new landscaping business? You should start establishing your business’s identity right away. The fastest way to let customers know who you are is to create a great logo.

2. Did you recently change the name of your landscaping company? Then now is the perfect time to invest in a new logo.

3. Is your old logo looking a little out-of-date? If your logo looks outdated, customers might not take your business seriously. You should consider upgrading it to something more modern.

ProMatcher wants to help you grow your landscaping business. We specialize in helping companies like yours market themselves better to customers. The first step to attracting customers is securing a new logo, and we can make it easy by introducing you to a logo design company.

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Landscaping Logo Design

Many landscapers are initially intimidated by the idea of sitting down to design a logo. However, once they get started, a lot of them find that the brainstorming phase is actually a lot of fun!

Begin by thinking about what you want people to know about your landscaping business just by looking at your logo.

What colors do you like? Green is a pretty common color in landscaping logos because it reminds people of nature.

Do you just want to include the name of your company? Or do you also want to incorporate a graphic? Many landscaping logos incorporate images of grass, trees, or flowers.

Do you want a modern logo or something that is a little more retro?

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How to Design a Logo for Your Landscaping Business

Once you have a landscaping logo design in mind, bringing it to life is easier than you might think! You have several different options when it comes to designing the new logo.

Working one-on-one with a local graphic designer is the surest way to get a high-quality, customized logo. Check out ProMatcher’s Graphic Design Cost Report to see how much that might cost you.

Another option is crowdsourcing your logo’s design. There are many websites online that allow you to post your logo requirements and a timeframe for submissions. Designers will submit their entries and all you have to do is pick your favorite. You are only required to pay for the winning design.

Finally, you can design your logo yourself. You must have strong design and computer skills if you want to take this approach. If you do not have these skills, DIY is a bad idea. It is really important that your landscaping logo look professional.

Deciding on Your Landscaping Logo Design

A new logo is a long-term investment. Just as you would with any other investment, before you make a final design decision, you should consider a few of the following questions:

1. Do I like the logo? We don’t mean can you live with this logo. We mean do you really love it?

2. Is this logo something I will be happy with for at least the next five years?

3. Can people tell this is a landscaping business just by looking at my logo?

4. Will this logo look good on everything? Your logo will appear not just on your website but also on your business cards, yard signs, invoices, and uniforms.

5. Is the logo easy to read? If you choose a font that is too out-of-the-box, people might have a hard time identifying your landscaping business.

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