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Landscaping Business Plan Sample

Updated: 11/13/2018

There is no one way to prepare a business plan. Here is a basic outline that will help you get your thoughts together:

1. Executive Summary

[Write a Summmary of the Entire Plan] XYZ Landscaping will provide lawn mowing services to residential and commercial clients in Fairfax County, Virginia. Jack Francis is the owner of XYZ and will focus on first developing clients in his own neighborhood. He will market door to door to establish his first customers and then expand into other methods of marketing. For the first year, he will work on his own until he develops enough work to hire a helper. Jack will need a truck, trailer, and mowers, trimmers, and blowers. The business will provide lawn services from April till October. Rake leaves in November. Put up Christmas lights in December. Plow snow during January, February. Start spring cleanup and mulching services in March. The objective is for the company to generate enough clients in year one to start a new crew in year two.

2. Company Summary

[Basic Company Description] XYZ Landscaping is located in Fairfax County, VA and specializes in lawn mowing and maintenance services.

[Legal Formation] XYZ is going to be a sole proprietorship owned by Jack Francis.

[Services] XYZ will provide the following services:

- Lawn mowing
- Edging
- Blowing
- Leaf raking
- Snow removal
- [Add services]

Equipment needed includes:

- Truck
- Trailer
- Lawn mower 1
- Lawn mower 2
- Trimmer
- Blower
- Gas can
- Gloves, glasses, shirts, pants
- Office: desk, chair, file cabinet, computer
- [Add items]

3. Market Analysis

[Identify Targets] XYZ will target yards greater than 10,000sf in zip codes 22222, 22223, and 22224 in year one.

[Identify Competition] There are currently 12 landscaping companies operating in the zip codes XYZ will target. List reasons why you feel you can be better than specific companies in your target market.

4. Sales & Marketing Plan

[Describe Marketing Plan]

5. Management Summary

[Describe Credentials of Management]

6. Operating Plan

7. Financial Plan

[Describe Financial Plan]

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