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What Features Should a Handyman Website Design Include?

A handyman services website should show potential customers how great your company is and why they should hire you. Include these 9 things on your handyman website design to attract new customers and grow your business.

9 Things to Include on Your Handyman Website:

1. All services you offer. Even if you call yourself a jack of all trades, it's better to be extra clear on what types of jobs you will do. It may not be obvious to a new customer.

2. Price lists. If you're not comfortable publishing hard numbers, at least include a cost range or say that you will come by for a free estimate. It may also be easier to charge an hourly rate.

3. Service locations. How far are you willing to drive for a job? List all the counties, towns, or areas that you serve. This is helpful for the customer, but also good for search engine optimization.

4. Special offers or coupons. Do you offer a free or discounted home checkup in the spring? You can post offers on your website to attract new customers to your handyman business.

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5. Positive testimonials. Show off a little! Publish your best quotes from happy customers.

6. Contact info. Include this in a very obvious location, such as in the top right corner or right sidebar of every page on your website.

7. Examples of your work. Before and after photos are particularly good! Show off your range. If you're great at carpentry, show some pictures of your best work. If your specialty is plumbing, post some pictures of a repiping project or shower installation job.

8. "About Us" page. Include team photos, bios, credentials. Sell prospects on why they should hire your handyman service over another local competitor.

9. License information. It's good to explicitly include your license number if one is required in your area, just so people are confident hiring you.

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