How Much Money Can a Handyman Make?

You can make good money as a handyman - but it all depends the work you put in and the competition in your area. It's important to spend time on marketing to grow your business, and to make sure you're set up with the right pricing model.

How much money can a handyman business really make? Keep reading below to get some tips on pricing your services.

How to price your handyman services

The fixed-price model and hourly rate model each have their pros and cons. Handyman companies are split pretty evenly when it comes to an opinion on which one is better.

Some people prefer to charge an hourly rate because it's a little more flexible. You can show up at someone's house and do odd jobs for them for an afternoon. You may want to have a minimum charge, such as a 1-hour minimum, to account for your travel and setup time. Fixed prices can be good, too, because there's no risk of an unexpected high cost for the customer.

To see if your hourly rate is in the right range, look into the average hourly rates for handyman services in your area.

Overtime work

If you're willing to work off-hours and on weekends, you can probably get away with charging a higher rate during those periods. Of course, you should always be upfront with the customer about how your rates vary.

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Buying handyman leads

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