What are Some Good Handyman Business Card Ideas?

A good handyman business card design is clean, concise, and includes key information on contacting your company. But what makes a great, creative business card for a handyman service? Keep reading for 5 approaches to get you started.

Handyman Business Card Ideas

1. Funny. Show a little personality with a humorous approach. Your job title could be 'Chief Fixologist' or 'Jack of All Trades'. You could include a funny slogan such as 'Fixing the world one lightbulb at a time.'

2. Modern. Is your handyman service more of a high-end, contemporary brand? Maybe you work mostly in office buildings, for example. Use a modern, sharp design that may include all-caps fonts, muted color schemes, and a simplistic logo. Include language 'licensed, bonded, and insured' (assuming you are, of course!).

3. Artsy. Do you like working on design projects like painting, tile, or remodeling? You can show off your design style with a more artistic and creative business card.

4. Specialized. Do you tend to work on carpentry the most? Painting? Electrical? Your choice of images and logo can imply what you specialize in. For example, if you do a lot of carpentry, you could include a wood border or background image.

5. Classic. If you're not sure about any particular approach, go with the old faithful. Use a straightforward tagline like 'prompt service, fair pricing' or 'no job too small'. Include an image of a toolbox or hammer.

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No matter which approach you use, always check to make sure your business card includes:

- Your name
- Company name if you have one
- Your job title (could just be 'handyman')
- Your email address and phone number
- Your service area and/or business location

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