Should Your Fence Company Order Business Cards?

Yes, your fence company should definitely order business cards! Even though the internet is changing the way companies do business, sometimes there’s just no replacement for a memorable in-person connection.

Updated: 09/25/2018

Having business cards legitimizes your fence company to new clients. They also give customers the opportunity to reach out to someone they have met personally instead of just another faceless phone number!

Here is some important information to include when ordering your fence company’s business cards:

1. The name of your fence company
2. Your logo or an image of a fence
3. Website URL
4. Your name or the name of your employee
5. Position or job title
6. Phone number and email
7. Maybe your physical address (if it’s really important to your business)

Pick a font that is easy to read—avoid overly decorative styles like cursive. Make sure there is enough contrast between your primary font color and the color of your background.

Use your best contact information. When you give someone your business card, provide them with contact information where they are most likely to actually reach you! If you’re frequently out in the field, include your cell phone number. If you never check your work email, think about leaving it off the card.

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Besides being the best way to give out your information, business cards are also a great way to convey to customers who you are and what your company does. Consider including a tagline or brief description of your company. It doesn’t have to be complicated—even something basic like “Residential Fence Contractors” will work.

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