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33 Creative Towing Company Names

Updated: 05/15/2018

Branding Your Towing Business

Use this article to get help choosing a good name for your new towing business. Stand out from other towing companies by building a strong brand for your business.

New towing businesses are popping up every single day. Picking a creative company name can help you get a head start. Here is a list of interesting company names to help you get started.

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33 Towing Business Name Examples

1. Local Towing by Tony

2. D and K Towing

3. Mosaic District Towing

4. Vanguard Towing of Mississippi

5. Midtown Roadside Assistance

6. Champion Towing Co.

7. AJ's Affordable Tow, Inc.

8. Ike's Towing

9. Spring Valley Towing Service

10. Big Moe's 24 Hour Towing Co.

11. Johnson Family Towing

12. Springfield County Towing Pros

13. JKG Auto & Towing

14. Midcity Towing, LLC

15. Premiere Towing & Hauling

16. Comprehensive Roadside Assistance

17. Connors Long-Distance Towing

18. Oliver + Sons Auto Body and Towing

19. Precision Towing, Inc.

20. PJ Abrams Towing Service

21. Palm Beach Towing and Recovery

22. Apex Vehicle Transport

23. Wick Automotive & Towing

24. Sam's Speedy Towing

25. Cleveland's Own Emergency Towing

26. Omaha Heavy Duty Towing

27. Dogwood Flatbed Towing

28. 24/7 Hometown Towing

29. Sunshine Towing and Wrecker Service

30. Henderson Tow Truck Operators

31. Dominion Trail Towing and Junk Car Pickup

32. 703 Towing Pros

33. Sampson Bros. Towing and Road Service

What's Next?

Once you've landed on a name, you'll need help finding your first customer. Check out ProMatcher's Guide to Marketing Your Towing Business next.

You may also want to set up a website for your towing company. This is a given these days. There are many affordable website options for small businesses. If you have some tech skills, you may even be able to do it on your own. If not, we can help you find a website design company. Join ProMatcher today and we can help you set up a website for your business.

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