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How Much Do Towing Leads Cost?

Most tow truck operators can expect to pay between $7 and $18 per lead. Towing lead prices may vary based on a few factors. Continue reading below to learn more about towing lead pricing.

Updated: 10/23/2018

Types of Towing Leads

1. Truck towing leads

2. Flatbed towing leads

3. Roadside assistance leads

4. Emergency towing leads

5. Fleet towing leads

6. Long-distance towing leads

7. Parking enforcement towing leads

8. Luxury vehicle towing leads

Towing Lead Pricing

There are several factors that may impact the cost of each towing lead that you purchase.

What type of vehicle is being towed?

Has the lead contact information been verified over the phone?

Who are you buying the lead from? Is this a reputable lead provider

How far does the vehicle need to be towed?

Will the lead be sold to more than one tow truck service?

Where is your business located? In a major city or a rural area?

The cost of the lead will depend on the answers to these questions. For example, a local lead for a flat tire will usually cost less than a long-distance towing lead.

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