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Marketing Your Towing Company

11 Marketing and Advertising Ideas to Promote Your Towing Company

If you need some help marketing your tow truck service, look no further. ProMatcher is your new marketing consultant. Take your towing company to next level by following the advice provided here.

1. Be fair, be professional. Unfortunately, no one looks forward to calling a towing company. Despite the circumstances, try to make sure that each customer has an overwhelmingly positive experience. When someone calls for roadside assistance, do your best to provide an accurate quote. Try not to keep someone waiting for too long. It’s important to clearly communicate your estimated time of arrival. When you go above and beyond, you can turn a one-time customer into a customer for life. They will also happily recommend your towing service to friends and neighbors. This type of word-of-mouth marketing can be very beneficial to the growth and success of your business.

2. Build a great website. Your towing business needs to be online. If someone’s car breaks down in the middle of the road, they won’t have a phonebook with them. If they don’t have a go-to towing service, they will likely look up a local towing company on their phone. If you don’t have a website, this person won’t even know your business exists. A well-organized, professional website is an amazing marketing tool. Make sure that your phone number and other important contact information is easy to find on each page.

3. Ask for positive reviews. A few customer testimonials on your website will not suffice anymore. People want to see verified reviews on third-party sites. Consumers trust these reviews to make educated hiring decisions. If you deliver a great service, people will be happy to leave a review of your towing business. Don’t be afraid to ask for positive reviews. Highly-rated towing companies with many positive reviews will stand out from the competition. If you have received some negative reviews, do not get discouraged. There are online reputation management services that can help you recover.

4. Try PPC advertising. When someone searches “need a tow truck” online, an advertisement for your towing business can show up at the top of the page. Pay-per-click advertising is a good way to get more calls into your office and more visitors to your towing service’s website. It’s easy to get started. You can do-it-yourself using an online portal. Setting up your first campaign is fairly simple. You can set a budget, pick the keywords that you are interested in bidding, and even decide which geographic locations you would like to target. If this seems like too much work, you can also hire a PPC agency to do this for you.

5. Build relationships with relevant local businesses. Networking is not just about exchanging business cards. You want to build real relationships with people that may need towing services in the future. For example, an apartment complex manager may be looking for a towing company to patrol their lot for parking offenders. It can also help to know car dealership owners, auto mechanics, traffic enforcement professionals, police officers, and parking lot managers. When they need a towing company, they will know to call you. When someone needs their services, you can return the favor.

6. Try pay-per-call advertising. Pay-per-call advertising can be a great way to jumpstart your marketing efforts. The pay-per-call company advertises on your behalf. When someone is interested in using your towing service, they will be able to call you directly. When you sign up, you’ll agree to pay a set fee for each incoming call. Each lead will be a little bit different. There are many different reasons to call a tow truck, including 1) engine problems (breakdown, overheating, etc.), 2) car lockouts, 3) flat tires, 4) battery trouble, or 5) auto accidents and collisions.

7. Pass out fun, promotional items. People love free stuff. After you tow someone’s vehicle, hand them something to remember your business. It could be a refrigerator magnet, keychain, pen, bumper sticker, ice scraper, tire pressure gauge, mini flashlight, or another small token. It’s even better if it’s something that they can keep in their car for future reference. Anytime they have car trouble, they’ll know exactly where to find your phone number.

8. Build a memorable brand. What do you want people to think about when they hear the name of your towing company? Do they immediately remember your catchy radio ads? Will they remember the bright orange shirt that your employee was wearing? Will they remember your logo? If your towing truck service has a strong brand, people will remember you each time they need your services. It’s important to use your website, business cards, and other marketing materials to reinforce and grow your brand.

9. Invest in SEO. Search engine optimization can help your website rank higher for important towing keyword. What keyword searches would you like to rank for? For example, you might want your site to show up for “towing companies near me” or “24 hour tow truck service”. In order to improve your search engine rankings, you will need to invest time and money into optimizing your site. You can do this on your own or you can hire an SEO company. If you prefer the DIY route, start by writing blog posts for your website. Original content is a great way to boost your rankings.

10. Try radio advertising. Many people listen to the radio when they are in the car. This makes radio advertising ideal for towing services. Make sure that your ad script includes the name of your company, your business phone number, and website URL. If you have a catchy slogan, tagline, or jingle, you can include that too! If you create a memorable ad, people will think about your business automatically when they need to call a tow truck.

11. Increase your marketing budget. If business has been slowing down, you may need to spend more money on your marketing efforts. Invest more in advertising techniques and marketing strategies that have been working for your towing company. Go ahead and abandon programs that are not providing any value. What works for some towing companies might not work for others. If radio advertising is not providing a good return on investment, try something new like hiring a PPC agency or an SEO consultant.

Marketing for Towing Companies – Questions & Answers

Do I need a website for my tow truck service?

It’s more important than ever to have a professional website for your towing company. A great website is an invaluable marketing tool for any business owner. Towing is a 24/7 business. Even when you’re off the clock, your website is working for you. Use your website to showcase the best things about your towing company and the services you provide. Make sure your phone number, email, and address are easy to find on the homepage. It’s also important to optimize your website for mobile users. If someone looks at your website on their cell phone, is the font large enough? Does the page load quickly? If not, you may want to think about hiring a web design firm to make the necessary changes.

How can SEO help my towing business?

SEO can help towing companies generate new leads through their website. When you rank higher on search engine results pages, you can increase traffic to your site and improve the online visibility of your towing business. With great SEO, you can rank organically for competitive keywords like “nearest towing company” or “affordable towing service”. Keep in mind, search engine optimization is not just about having the right keywords on your website. If you are interested in learning more about SEO, there are many free online resources available. If don’t want to do-it-yourself, hiring an SEO agency to optimize your site can be a great option.

Should towing companies buy leads?

Ultimately, it’s up to you. You will have to decide what is right for your towing company. There are several lead programs available for tow truck services though. These lead generation companies can help you find new customers quickly. The leads may be for a variety of services, including 1) local auto towing, 2) long-distance towing, 3) roadside assistance, 4) RV towing, 5) truck towing, 6) flatbed towing, or 7) motorcycle towing. Most lead programs charge a flat fee per lead. Prices will vary based on your geographic location and the type of service requested.

Should towing services use email marketing?

Towing companies may want to consider using email marketing. Email is a good way to reach out to your existing customer base. There are several easy-to-use email marketing platforms that can help you manage your contacts and measure the success of each campaign. It’s important to keep your messaging simple. Don’t try to say too much in a single email. Your email should be a friendly reminder that you are open for business and ready to help whenever they need a tow truck service.

Is it a good idea for towing companies to advertise in the Yellow Pages?

Honestly, it is going to depend on your unique situation. Yellow pages advertising can still be effective for towing companies in some regions. This is particularly true in some rural areas – where Internet advertising is less popular. When people need a tow, they might just look someone up in the phone book. If this is the case near you, a well-placed ad in the Yellow Pages can be a great option for your towing company.

Are there companies that sell leads to towing companies?

Yes, there are several companies that sell leads to towing companies. ProMatcher is one of the best places to find information about these towing lead providers. If you see a program that interests you, we can get you in touch with the right people.

What is the average cost of towing leads?

Towing lead prices may vary based on a few factors. What type of vehicle is being towed? Has the lead been verified over the phone? Who are you buying the lead from? How far does the vehicle need to be towed? Will the lead be sold to more than one tow truck service? The cost of the lead will depend on the answers to these questions. For example, a local lead for a flat tire will usually cost less than a long-distance towing lead.

How much money should I spend marketing my tow truck business?

A towing company should dedicate about 5 to 10% of their projected annual revenue towards marketing. For some tow truck operators, this may seem like an excessive amount of money. If you are new to marketing, don’t feel pressured to spend this much right away. To start, try a few of the budget-friendly, DIY marketing techniques. Print out some flyers, get some new business cards, or attend a local networking event.

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