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Which Roofing Keywords Should I Use for My Roofing Website’s SEO?

It’s best to target longer, more specific keywords to optimize your roofing website for SEO. Broader, "short tail" keywords tend to be more competitive in the roofing industry.

Updated: 01/22/2018

It can be hard to show up first in Google for general terms that get tons of searches every week, like ‘Roofing Company.’ Every roofing company wants to rank for that term, so it's very competitive. However, you may have more luck optimizing your website for more specific roofing keywords like these:

- "roofing companies loudoun county"
- "tile roof installation southern california"
- "local emergency roof repair"

The idea is to target roofing keywords that are more specific, in terms of your geographic service area or services needed. These keywords will likely be easier for your company to rank for and can still supply a good number of new leads per month. In many cases, you will also be reaching a customer who is a little bit more informed about what type of roofing service they want – which means they may be closer to making a purchase with you.

Need more help?

An SEO company for roofing contractors can help you brainstorm other keywords and narrow them down to your ideal targets based on what people are searching for in your area and who else is competing for those search terms.

To find a reputable SEO company, be sure to look at examples of their past work, talk to their past clients, and ask the company how they would specifically help your website. Good SEO companies are transparent and help educate their clients on realistic goals and timelines for improving their rankings in Google. Be skeptical of SEO companies that are vague or secretive about their techniques, tell you they can get you on page 1 for a large number of keywords quickly, or offer one-size-fits-all package deals.

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