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9 Marketing Ideas to Get More Leads for Your Roofing Company

Updated: 09/17/2018

1. Do great work at a fair price

If marketing seems daunting to you, you’re not alone. The good news? The thing you already do best – roofing – is the most important factor for growing your business. If you provide top-quality roofing work and customer service, people will refer your company to their friends and neighbors.

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2. Build out your website

When considering your company as a roofing contractor, people inevitably go online and check out your website. Some things you may want to include on your site are a services page, a page with photo examples of your work, and a cost/rates page. You can also answer some common questions about roofing on an FAQ page or in blog posts, which will help show that you are an expert in roofing.

3. Buy roofing leads

If you’re just getting on your feet as a new business, or if you’re a mature business going through a slow time of year, buying roofing leads to help build your customer base can be a good option. There are several pay-per-lead programs that can help you grow your roofing company.

4. Help other businesses

Look for opportunities to meet other business owners at events through your local chamber of commerce, economic development office, or even Meetup and Facebook groups. When you can’t take a job or if the work is not in your wheelhouse, try to refer business to others you’ve met in the home services industry. No doubt your referrals will come back to you someday.

5. Give out business cards

Whether at a party or your kids’ soccer game, you meet people all the time who may need a roof repair at some point in the future. Sharing your contact info with those you meet in social settings by handing them a business card is an easy, natural way to let your new contacts know what industry you’re in, should they ever need help.

6. Become a preferred vendor

If someone is looking for a roofer that specializes in a particular roofing material or brand, they may find you by searching in a directory of service providers on that website. There are several roofing material suppliers that have these preferred contractor networks.

7. Send direct mail and email

Installing a new roof or having a roof fixed is not something that happens too often for a typical customer. How can you stay in touch with your past customers so they remember you next time they need help? A few emails or mailings a year can make a big difference in staying top of mind. You could provide maintenance tips and checklists or send holiday greetings.

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8. Ask for online reviews

Although it may seem awkward, asking your customers to review you online is not as painful as you may think. You can even offer them a small gift card for their time. Reviews are key to building trust and positive reputation online.

9. Advertise in your local paper

This is still a tried and true way to get new customers. Get your brand in front of a large community of homeowners by regularly publishing a small ad in the paper.

Last Updated: September 17, 2018

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