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Home Remodeling Leads: Free Leads for Remodeling Contractors


Free Home Remodeling Leads

A lot of lead generation companies advertise on their websites that they offer free leads to home remodelers. Those offers, however, are usually pretty disingenuous. The leads they provide come with a lot of fine print and frequently include hidden or unexpected fees.

At ProMatcher, we don’t expect anything in exchange for the free leads we provide so there’s no need for fine print. You will never be charged for the leads you acquire through our system. That’s a guarantee!

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Home Remodeling Business Leads

ProMatcher helps home remodeling contractors get more work. Homeowners use our website to request contractors for a wide range of remodeling projects.

Remodeling contractors may be interested in:

1. Kitchen remodel leads

2. Bathroom remodel leads

3. Home renovation leads

4. Basement finishing leads

5. Attic finishing and conversion leads

6. Wall removal leads

7. Home addition leads

8. Room addition leads

9. Window replacement leads

10. Screened-in porch leads

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Lead Generation Companies for Home Remodeling Contractors

Having a diversified marketing strategy is important. Your ProMatcher profile is a great place start since our leads don’t cost you anything. Another excellent option for finding local prospects is purchasing job leads. This strategy can be particularly helpful if you are just getting started in the home remodeling field or are looking to expand your business. Join ProMatcher and we can introduce you to some of the most well-known home remodeling lead generation services.

One essential thing to keep in mind is that there is a difference between receiving a lead for a prospective client and actually securing the job. Even if you choose the pay-per-appointment model, where the lead generation company sets up an appointment with the lead, it will still be up to you to close the sale.

How Much Do Home Remodeling Leads Cost?

Typically, home remodeling leads are priced according to the estimated value of the corresponding job. For bigger, more expensive jobs, you can expect to spend more on a lead.

Home remodeling projects vary so much in size that their leads can range anywhere from $5 to more than $80. A straightforward window replacement lead will cost substantially less than full kitchen remodel, for example. Go to this article to read more about the cost of remodeling leads.

Home Remodeling Leads in Your Area

It can be challenging to find home remodeling leads in your area, especially if you don’t live near a major city. Home remodeling lead generation companies are well-situated to find local customers who are looking to remodel their homes. Most of the time, you can decide which cities and counties you are interested in receiving leads from.

In addition to working within your desired geographic service area, many home remodeling lead companies will only send you leads for jobs that your business performs. That way you do not have to sift through leads for services that you do not provide. If you do not install decks or sunrooms, for instance, those leads will not be sent to your account.

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How to Get Home Remodeling Leads

The real key to building a successful home remodeling business is doing great work and charging fair prices. When your employees are professional and perform quality work, the good word will spread around town organically. Customers will readily refer you to their friends and neighbors interested in remodeling their homes.

Even though word of mouth is a great way to get new leads, it can sometimes be a slow process. For that reason, you should also be actively marketing your business other ways, especially online. Check out our contractor marketing guide for more recommendations for growing your business.

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