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Why Do Podiatrists Need SEO?

SEO can help put your podiatry practice's website in front of a larger audience. If you have a well-designed website with original content, you can turn these website visitors into new patients.

Updated: 06/10/2019

Podiatry SEO

More and more consumers are going online to find healthcare providers. If you want local consumers to successfully find your practice online, it really helps to be on the first page of the Google, Bing, and other major search engines. SEO is all about taking steps to improve the search engine visibility of your website. When someone does an online search for “best local foot doctor”, you want your website to show up on the first page of the search results.

Every podiatrist wants to rank on the first page for important keywords like "podiatrist" and "podiatrists near me". As you begin to rank higher, you'll see more traffic to your website and more calls to your office. Unfortunately, these keywords can be very competitive. That's okay though! People will use an endless combination of keywords in their search to find a podiatrist, including the ones below.

Podiatry SEO Keyword Examples:

1) Foot doctors
2) Treat Athlete's foot
3) Corn removal surgery
4) Pediatric podiatrists
5) Foot surgeons
6) Diabetic foot care
7) Heel pain specialists
8) Bunion surgery doctors near me
9) Ingrown toenail treatment cost
10) Podiatry practices in my area
11) Foot wart removal doctor
12) Foot specialists
13) Best podiatrists in Atlanta
14) Podiatrists that take medicaid
15) Foot and ankle clinics
16) Who does hammertoe surgery
17) Podiatrist with good reviews
18) Podiatrists 90210

How to Optimize Your Podiatry Website

There are many ways to optimize your website. You can do some of them on your own, while others may require the help of a marketing consultant or an SEO agency.

1. Keyword research is one of the most important steps. First, you need to decide which podiatry keywords that you are interested in. Then, take another look at this list. What is the intent? Is this a keyword that someone would use if they are looking to find a new podiatrist? Or, are they just looking for a home remedy?

2. Your site needs to have original content. For example, you can write a weekly or monthly blog. This is a good way to continuously add new content to your podiatry website. You might also consider writing articles about new treatment or trends in your field.

3. Technical SEO issues can be difficult to fix on your own. Your webmaster or marketing firm may need to handle this. Are your page titles and descriptions properly optimized? Are you actively building links to your website?

Updated: June 10, 2019

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