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30+ Physical Therapy Clinic Name Ideas

Updated: 08/23/2018

A Guide to Naming Your Physical Therapy Office

Naming your physical therapy clinic is one of the most important steps of setting up your new business. Choosing the right name can help take your clinic to the next level. We've put together this list to help you come up with a great name for your PT clinic.

Be unique

The name of your physical therapy clinic should be unique. Choosing a name that is too similar to another local clinic can be tough. Before settling on a name, do some online research to make sure you have an opportunity to stand out from clinics in the area. Including your own name is one relatively easy way to personalize the name of your clinic. It also adds a nice personal touch.

Focus on your strengths

Don't be afraid to specialize. Carving out a specific niche for your business can be a good marketing strategy. If you mostly work with athletes, treating sports injuries, you might think about emphasizing that fact in the name of your clinic.

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Don't stress too much

Don't spend too much time choosing a name. We understand that it can be a difficult process, but don't let it get the best of you. Helping your patients should be your first priority. At the end of the day, the name of your clinic won't have an impact on that.

36 Name Suggestions for a Physical Therapy Clinic

Here's a list of 35 potential names for your clinic. Use this list to get the creative juices flowing and get inspired.

Physical Therapy Name Ideas
Memphis Elite Physical Therapy
Lennox Sports Rehabilitation
Fairfax Physical Therapy Group
Phillips Family Physical Therapy
The Cox Physical Therapy Clinic
Downtown Physical Therapy and Rehab
Athlete's First Physical Therapy
The Sports Therapy Group of Nashville
Clocktower Therapy & Wellness
S.J. Hawkins, DPT
Wilson High Performance Physical Therapy
Northern Virginia Therapy Associates
Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Edgewater Sports Care & Physical Therapy
On Deck Physical Therapy
Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy
Dr. Christina Booth, PT
San Antonio Physical Therapy and Wellness
Deer Valley Therapeutic Associates
Idaho Joint Therapy
Brooklyn Sports Therapy and Rehab
Long Beach Sports Rehab Clinic
OKC Physical Therapy Group
Ojai Center for Physical Therapy
Hudson Valley Sports Rehabilitation
Jacksonville Physical Therapy Associates
Physical Therapy Specialists of West Texas
Suffolk Pediatric Physical Therapy
New River PT Associates
The Physical Therapy Clinic of Northern Michigan
Courtside Pain Management and Physical Therapy
Maple Avenue Physical Therapy, LLC
Eastside Occupation Therapy Specialists
Anthem PT Clinic
Big Lake Physiotherapy
ATL Athlete Performance Center

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