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14 Effective Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapists
Grow your physical therapy practice and find new patients with these helpful marketing suggestions.

Marketing for Physical Therapists – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important for a physical therapy clinic to have a website?

Yes, you need a website. If you don’t have one already, you’re late to the game. If you’re embarrassed to send people to your site, it might be time for a new design. Your website is your digital business card. This is where people can find out how to contact you, what services you provide, and which insurance providers you accept. If you’re on a budget, there are several DIY platforms that allow you to build your own site. If your tech skills are limited, you might consider hiring a local web designer to help you out.

How can SEO help physical therapists?

SEO helps to improve your ranking in organic search results. This means more traffic to your website, and who doesn't want that? Unfortunately, every physical therapist wants to rank highly for searches like “best PT near me” and “top physical therapy places”. So if an SEO agency promises you first page rankings overnight, proceed with caution. A well-executed SEO strategy requires time and planning. If you’re just getting started, try writing monthly blog posts with informative, original content.

Can physical therapists buy calls or appointments?

If you are short on time, using a lead generation service may be the way to go. Pay-per-call advertising, in particular, is great for physical therapy clinics. When done the right way, you can start booking more appointments and growing your PT practice almost immediately. You are charged a fixed price for each incoming call.

How can pay-per-click advertising help physical therapy practices?

SEO can take a lot of time and effort. If you decide to start a PPC campaign, you can start to see the results quickly. Pay-per-click advertising lets you target a very specific local audience. How can you get people to click on your ad? Little details can make all the difference. If you make house calls, your ad should mention something about in-home physical therapy. If you specialize in treating lower back pain, include that too.

How much do physical therapy leads cost?

Physical therapy lead prices will depend on a few different factors. Who are you buying the lead from? Is your practice located in a small town or a major city? What type of therapy is the patient interested in? What treatments do you offer?

Where can physical therapists find leads online?

If you are looking for leads, you have come to the right place. ProMatcher is the place for physical therapists to find online lead generation and marketing opportunities.

How much should a physical therapy practice spend on marketing each year?

Honestly, it’s all relative. We suggest that most physical therapy clinics spend about 5 to 10% of their projected annual revenue on marketing. If you are a small operation, this might seem crazy. We understand that this is a lot of money, but you can slowly work up to this. We’ve provided a whole list of simple, low-cost marketing strategies. Just try one to get started!

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