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What are the Benefits of Joining a Pest Control Association?

It depends on the association you join, but there are several benefits to joining an association. These benefits may include: cost savings and discounrts, greater exposure for your business, and learning best practices through trainings and conferences. Overall, joining an association offers supportive resources to pest control businesses so you don’t have to go it alone.

Updated: 05/01/2018

Common benefits offered by pest control associations:

1. Continuing education trainings on pest control technology, customer service, and management topics

2. Negotiated discounts for members on things like credit card processing, shipping, insurance, and other business needs

3. Knowledge sharing and professional networking at meetings and conferences

4. Human resources consulting to advise you on employee issues

5. Directory listings to give your business more exposure

6. Legislative advocacy on issues important to the pest management industry

Pest control associations are often organized at the state level. Members are charged annual dues. The fees typically vary by how many employees you have or how much you earn in annual sales, so it can be fairly affordable even for small businesses to join.

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