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Are Pest Control Postcards a Good Marketing Strategy?

Yes, sending direct mail postcards to market your pest control business is a relatively affordable and useful marketing strategy. By sending a simple postcard a few times a year to homes in your community, you can keep your current customers engaged and potentially find new customers.

Updated: 01/29/2018

5 Easy Ideas for Pest Control Postcards

1) Offer a coupon. You could give new customers a special rate for their first quarterly service. For existing customers, try promoting a discounted seasonal add-on service such as a mosquito and fly treatment around BBQ season.

2) Remind customers to renew their regular service subscription or termite warranty.

3) Encourage a referral. You could offer current customers a discount on their next service call if they get one of their neighbors to sign up.

4) Announce something new. Have you recently started offering a pet-friendly flea treatment for yards? Were you named a top local business? Did you expand your service area?

5) Just say thank you. Send a kind message to customers for their birthday or the winter holidays to say thanks for their business.

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Some Tips for Sending Pest Control Postcards

- Clearly and boldly display your company name and phone number.

- Include additional contact information such as mailing address and email.

- Think about how you can stand out. Maybe a funny bug or superhero cartoon can liven up their mailbox and get them to read your message. If that’s not your personality, be sure to choose high-quality images and paper that make a great impression.

- Highlight any awards you’ve won, number of customers you serve, or years you’ve been in business.

- If this sounds like a good idea but you need help getting started, there are direct mail services that can take the lead on designing, printing, addressing, and mailing your postcards. This way you can focus on what you do best.

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