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44 Great Pest Control Company Name Ideas

Updated: 09/03/2019

Choosing the right name for your pest control business is a very important decision. Stand out from the competition and create a unique identity for your company. We have put together this article to help you come up with a great name for your pest control service.

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Selecting the Right Name for Your Pest Control Business

1. Include important keywords.
Make it obvious for people to understand what you do. Including the word "bug" or "pest" in the name of your company is one of the easiest ways to do this.

2. Make it personal.
Your company name should be memorable and unique. Adding a personal touch, which might be your own name or the name of your town, can be a good idea.

3. Focus on your strengths.
Be specific! It can help to specialize in one area. People want to hire someone who is uniquely qualified to help with their pest problem. If your specialty is bed bugs, you might want to make that the main focus of your business name. If you only take termite jobs, the word "Termite" should be in the name of your company.

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44 Pest Control Company Name Examples

1. Portland Pest Control Associates

2. Big Al's Pest Solutions

3. Innovative Pest Management

4. Pest-B-Gone Co.

5. Bill the Bug Guy

6. Safe Home Pest Control

7. Elite Pest Technicians

8. Champion Pest Control Services

9. Ike the Exterminator

10. BJ's Premiere Pest Control

11. Piano District Pest

12. The Pest Specialists

13. The BioGreen Exterminators

14. H & J Pest Pros

15. Best Pest Solutions

16. Hunt Valley Exterminators

17. Hometown Fumigation

18. Bell Coast Exterminating Services

19. The Pest Protectors

20. Southside Natural Pest Protection

21. Pest Management by Pat

22. Billy's Bugs & Beyonds

23. Miami Custom Pest Control

24. Preventative Pest Solutions

25. Eco-Friendly Exterminating, LLC

26. Boise Pest Defense

27. Lopez Family Pest Control

28. Organic Pest Experts, Inc.

29. Omaha Pest Squad

30. Winter Park Pest MD

31. Florida Bug & Insect Control

32. Blue Ribbon Bug Zappers

33. Responsible Pest Pros

34. The Pest Eliminators

35. Summit Pest & Termite

36. Ann Arbor Pest Inspectors

37. Arizona Pest Detectives

38. Lakefront Pest Specialists

39. Hollywood & Vine Pest Control

40. Cedar Lane Pest Management

41. Kingston Commercial Pest Control

42. Precision Pest Solutions

43. Blue Ocean Pest Techs

44. Adaptive Pest Control Solutions

Pest Control Marketing Ideas

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