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Choosing a Good Name for Your Insulation Company


Choosing the right name for your insulation company is an important decision. You want to set yourself up for success. We have put together this article to help you come up with a great name for your insulation business.

1. Is it obvious? You want to make it obvious that your speciality is insulation. In most cases, this means the word “Insulation” will be in the name of your company.

2. Is it unique? The name of your company should be unique. You don’t want the name of your business to be too similar to any of your competitors’ company names. A quick online search for “local insulation companies” can help you identify some of the other contractors in your town.

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3. Do you want to include your name? Some insulation contractors choose to include their last name. “Jones Family Home Insulation” or “Smith & Sons Insulation” are some good examples.

4. Do you want to include the name of your city? Some insulation contractors decide to use their geographic location as part of their company name. This immediately helps consumers understand that you are a local business. “South Beach Insulation Services” or “Insulation Contractors of Memphis” would be two relevant examples.

5. Does it highlight benefits of installing insulation? Insulation can help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year on your utility bills. A company name like “The Energy Efficiency Experts” might be a good option.

6. Does it help you stand out? Certain positive adjectives can help you stand out from other insulation companies. Words like “elite”, “advanced”, “apex”, and “select” may help differentiate your brand.

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21 Great Insulation Company Names
Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are some good insulation company names. Don’t take this process too seriously. Make it fun! It helps to include your family and friends in the decision making process.

1. Johnson Home Insulation
2. Insulation Associates of Nashville
3. Williams Brothers Insulation
4. ABC Insulation Contractors
5. Main St. Insulation
6. Select Energy Efficiency
7. First Choice Insulation Providers
8. Hampton Insulation & Drywall
9. Elite Insulation Solutions
10. Good Life Insulation Co.
11. Midtown Insulation & HVAC
12. Frontier Foam Insulation Solutions
13. Billy’s Blown Insulation
14. Energy Saving Solutions
15. North Beach Spray Foam Inc.
16. The Attic Insulation Pros
17. Paul & Sons Commercial Insulation Contractors
18. The Eco-Friendly Insulation Guys
19. Tampa Soundproofing & Insulation
20. Advanced Insulation Systems
21. Mighty Mike's Insulation & More

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