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14 Advertising Ideas to Grow Your Concrete Business

Updated: 09/17/2018

Concrete Company Advertising Ideas

Need help generating more concrete leads? Do you want to find more customers for your concrete business? No matter where you’re at now, we can help. ProMatcher helps concrete business owners find new marketing strategies and advertising ideas.

Here's 14 ideas for you to try:

1. Put up a website

This one might seem obvious, but it's so important! If you don't have a website, it is going to be hard to compete with contractors that do. More and more consumers are using the Web to research and hire local service providers. Make sure your contact information is easy to find on the homepage. Also, remember to include a photo gallery of your best concrete work.

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2. Get to know other people in the construction industry

It's incredibly important for concrete contractors to build relationships with general contractors, home builders, and other business owners in the construction industry. Handing someone your business card is not enough. Take the time to convert new contacts into referral sources. Invite a new contact to one of your job sites so they can see the type of work you do.

3. Try using a local deals and discounts website

More people are using discount websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Angie's List to find local businesses. Offering a discount can be a neat way to win over a new customer.

4. Give pay-per-click advertising a shot

Running a PPC (pay per click) campaign is an awesome way of getting more visitors to your website. Be careful though! Pay per click advertising can become expensive if you don't monitor it carefully.

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5. Claim your local business listings

It's important for concrete suppliers and concrete contractors to get listed in the major online directories (Google, Yelp, etc.). This is one key way to gain additional visibility for your concrete business online. 

6. Buy concrete leads

You may want to consider using a lead generation service to grow your concrete business. The lead service works to find local consumers and business owners who are interested in hiring a concrete contractor. When they capture a lead in your geographic service area, they will forward you the customer's contact information. It's then up to you to follow up and schedule an estimate.

7. Build a strong portfolio of online reviews

While testimonials can be helpful, nothing compares to authentic third-party customer reviews. Many people trust online reviews more than they trust recommendations from friends and neighbors. This is why concrete companies with lots of positive reviews are so successful! Highly-rated companies tend to get the most exposure on these platforms - which means more calls to your business and more visitors to your company website.

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8. Invest in vehicle advertising

It's important to put signage for your concrete business on all company trucks and vehicles. These "mobile billboards" are great at attracting the attention of local customers.

9. Pass out old school flyers and business cards

This is super affordable and easy to do! Printed marketing materials can still be very effective. Have your family help you distribute the flyers around town. Target specific neighborhoods that you would like to find work in.

10. Develop a great brochure

Concrete contractors offer a variety of services ranging from concrete countertops to driveway construction. Putting together a brochure can help you showcase the services you provide in an easy-to-digest format. Every time you submit an estimate to a customer, attach a copy of the brochure.

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11. Take advantage of social media

Quite frankly, we are not huge fans of social media marketing. When done properly, it can be effective for some concrete companies. Don't spend too much time marketing your business on Facebook or Twitter if you feel you are not getting a good ROI.

12. Sponsor a community event

Getting your name out there is important. Sponsoring a 5K race or a local basketball tournament can help to build your brand and get exposure for your company. Show up to the event! Shake hands with people and maybe pass out a fun promotional item.

13. Rent a booth a trade show

If you are really trying to grow your business, you may want to attend a construction industry trade show. Attending a trade show is a great way to showcase the services you provide to a very targeted audience. Preparation is key! Make sure you have a game plan in place so you can take advantage of the networking opportunities.

14. Advertise in the HOA newsletter or church bulletin

While print advertising has become less popular in recent years, it can still help some concrete contractors find new leads. Placing an ad in a homeowner's association newsletter, for example, is often more affordable than advertising in the local newspaper.

15. Use yard signs to advertise your services

When you're working on a new project, put up a small advertisement at the job site. These advertisements are really great for grabbing the attention of neighbors and passerby. They get to see your great work firsthand too - which is a great advertising strategy.

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