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How to Bid a Profitable Concrete Job

Updated: 08/08/2018

A lot more goes into running a successful concrete business than just pouring concrete. It is up to you to find work by bidding on jobs. Unfortunately, putting together job quotes can sometimes be intimidating or just plain confusing. That is why we here at ProMatcher created this article with some tips for putting together competitive concrete bids to start winning more jobs!

1. Check out the local competition

Before setting your prices, you should check out how much other concrete contractors in your area typically charge. If the companies do not list their prices online, you can give them a call. ProMatcher’s Concrete Cost Report is another great resource to see how much competitors in your area are charging.

Once you get a sense of the average concrete costs, you will be able to more easily price your job bids. You may not want to put your prices too far above average if you are just getting started. But if you have some experience under your belt and some solid reviews, do not feel like you have to lower your prices to win jobs.

2. Give on-site estimates

Giving job estimates over the phone can be tricky. It’s difficult to get an idea of the scope of a project without seeing it in person. Are there potential obstacles? What is the terrain like? How large of an area will you be covering? Does the site need to be leveled? These are all questions that really cannot be assessed on a call.

Pick out some professional clothes from your closet and meet with the client in person. Be sure to arrive on time and treat your potential client’s home or business with respect. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

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3. Be very detailed

You want to put together a detailed quote that addresses all the project requirements, including labor and supplies. Outline the size of the crew the project will require and give an estimate of how long the job will take to complete. Other factors to consider include your travel time to the job site, site preparation requirements, and any concrete finishing or staining.

The simplest way to protect yourself is to put everything in writing. Include as much detail as possible and specifically state what the quote covers. This helps to prevent disputes from arising. If the quote does not cover certain services, be sure to mention those as well.

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4. Factor in overhead costs

You don’t want to forget about your concrete company’s overhead costs when pricing jobs. Overhead includes insurance, office expense, crew salaries, promotional materials, and worker’s compensation. These charges need to be factored into your bids to make sure you are turning a profit.

5. Have a list of references ready to go

Do not be caught off guard if a client asks you for references. You should have the contact information for a couple satisfied past customers ready to go. Also encourage clients happy with your services to leave you positive online reviews. These reviews go a long way toward establishing your credibility with potential customers.

6. Use a template

When you are first launching your concrete company, you may not be comfortable formatting a bid on your own. With just a quick search online, you should be able to find some concrete-specific bid templates available for purchase. Even though a template standardizes the quote process, you will still be able to customize it to fit your exact needs.

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