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Helpful Tips for Designing a Carpet Cleaning Logo


5 Reasons Your Carpet Cleaning Business May Need a New Logo


If you just started a carpet cleaning business, you will definitely need a new logo. It’s the easiest way for customers to identify your business. You can put it on stickers, magnets, vehicles, uniforms, billboards, you name it!


If your old logo is looking a little, well, old. Much like crimped hair and bell bottom jeans, some styles fade. Certain fonts can especially date your logo (i.e. comic sans). It’s perfectly normal for companies to have to update their logo from time to time.


If your carpet cleaning company changed its name. It’s pretty important that your logo matches the most current name of your business to eliminate any potential confusion.


As carpet cleaning evolves, companies are trying out new methods like dry carpet cleaning and environmentally friendly cleaning. If you switch strategies, updating your logo to showcase your new cleaning method may be a good idea. For example, a green carpet cleaning business could use a leaf or planet in their logo.


If you haven’t updated your website in a while. Many customers now turn to the internet to select their carpet cleaners. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, it may be high time for an overhaul. While you’re at it, make sure you have a logo that works well for the smaller screen of a smart phone or tablet.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you? If so, you should sign up for ProMatcher today! We can introduce you to a logo design service that can work with you to develop a great new logo for your carpet cleaning business.

Carpet Cleaning Logo Design

The first step in the logo design process is thinking about what you want it to look like. What do you want people to know about your business just by looking at your logo?

Start by brainstorming and writing down all the things that inspire you. Remember, there are no bad ideas in the brainstorming phase.

✓ Do you want something classic? Or do you prefer a design that’s a little bit more out of the box?

✓ Are you interested in certain colors?

✓ Some carpet cleaning companies prefer to use a symbol instead of text. Do you want your full business title included in the logo? What about your slogan?

✓ Do you want to include your phone number or website on the logo?

How to Design a Carpet Cleaning Logo

Once you have finished brainstorming, it’s time to move on to the logo creation phase. There are a couple different routes you can take depending on your design skill level.


Holding a contest is a quick way to view many different design options at once.


Working with a professional designer may be the easiest way to guarantee your business has a great logo. Professionals usually have a good sense of what will resonate with customers. They can also create high-quality logos that can be blown up for billboards and signs or minimized for merchandise. Check out ProMatcher’s Graphic Design Pricing Guide to see how much hiring a designer might cost.


If you believe your design abilities and computer skills are up to the task, you can make your own logo. DIY can be much less expensive than hiring a designer. If you don’t have the right skills yourself, see if you have a friend or relative that might be willing to help you out.


There are plenty of online logo makers available that you can use to design a new logo. One advantage of using a logo maker like this is that you don’t have to have great computer skills. Once you have determined your design preferences, creating your business’ logo shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Join ProMatcher today and let us connect you with a logo design company!

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