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Appliance Repair Leads: Grow Your Appliance Repair Businesses


Free Appliance Repair Leads

Building a successful appliance repair business is about more than just fixing broken appliances. You need to be able to successfully market your company to attract new customers. To do that, you will need plenty of leads and at ProMatcher, we give away leads for free! We do not charge for any job lead that comes in through your ProMatcher profile or your online directory listing. Want to learn how you can gain access to free appliance repair leads? Sign up with ProMatcher today! It's free. There's no obligation to purchase anything.

Appliance Repair Leads

ProMatcher helps appliance repair businesses find more jobs. Home and business owners use our website to request help with a variety of appliance repair projects.

Appliance repair services may be interested in:

1. Refrigerator repair leads

2. Freezer repair leads

3. Microwave oven repair leads

4. Dishwasher repair leads

5. Garbage disposal repair leads

6. Cooktop repair leads

7. Oven and range repair leads

8. Washer and dryer repair leads

9. Exhaust hood repair leads

10. Ice machine repair leads

11. General appliance service leads

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Lead Generation Companies for Appliance Repair Services

Finding new leads takes a lot of effort and can sometimes take away energy that would be better spent running your appliance repair business. ProMatcher can help, and not just with free leads. We know all about marketing for small businesses and if you decide buying leads is right for you, we can match you with a lead program that makes sense for your company.

Purchasing a lead is not the same as closing a sale. You will still have to work to earn jobs. But buying leads offers several major advantages, including potentially saving you money in the long run. Typically, you will be reaching out to prospective customers who have shown some interest in your services instead of relying exclusively on cold calls.

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How Much Do Appliance Repair Leads Cost?

Generally speaking, appliance repair leads cost between $8 and $30 a piece. The exact price depends on several factors, including your geographic location and the type of appliance that needs to be serviced. The appliance’s brand may also impact the lead price because repairs for higher-end brands usually cost more. Also, keep in mind that commercial jobs leads are usually more expensive than residential ones. These commercial jobs have the potential to be more lucrative though.

Not ready to put down your credit card? Check out these other marketing strategies to grow your appliance repair business.

Appliance Repair Leads Near You

Since most lead providers charge on a “per lead” basis, you will only pay for local leads that match up with your selected preferences. That means you can choose the cities or zip codes that best represent your service area and focus on leads in that zone. When a lead comes in that matches your preferences, the lead company will notify you via text message or email almost immediately. Then, it’s up to you to reach out and schedule an appointment. If you follow up quickly and craft a strong pitch, you'll be able to make the sale!

How to Get Appliance Repair Leads

If you deliver a quality service and charge fair prices, over time you will develop a loyal customer base with repeat customers who tell their friends and neighbors about your appliance repair business. While good word of mouth is important, it usually takes several years to generate a high volume of business based on referrals alone. In the meantime, buying leads can be a great option for newer appliance repair businesses or those looking to expand their reach.

Working with a lead generation company doesn’t require accepting a one-size-fits-all approach. You can customize a strategy that works well for your business, whether that’s pay-per-lead, pay-per-call, or pay-per-appointment. You will need to consider your budget, the skillset of your staff, and how much time you have to put into following up on leads. Learn more about your lead generation options by signing up for ProMatcher today.

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