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13 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Appliance Repair Service
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Marketing for Appliance Repair Contractors - Questions & Answers

What Do I Need on My Appliance Repair Website?
1. Your company name and logo
2. Your contact information (phone number, email address, brick and mortar address, etc.)
3. Your service area (counties or cities that you serve)
4. Hours of operation
5. List of the services you provide
6. High-quality photographs and images
7. Appliance brands that you service
8. Online form to collect prospective customers’ contact information
Why should appliance repair companies care about SEO?
Plain and simple, appliance repair websites with great SEO are going to get more traffic. Hopefully, you can rankly highly for important keyword searches like “best appliance repairman” and “local appliance service”. Your job is to turn these additional website visitors into paying customers.
Can I Buy Appliance Repair Leads?
Of course, you can! Appliance repair companies can purchase leads from a few different lead generation companies. Most lead providers charge on a “per lead” basis. This means you will only pay for local leads that match your selected preferences. Appliance repair leads may be for 1) refrigerator and freezer repair, 2) microwave oven repair, 3) dishwasher repair, 4) cooktop repair, 5) range or oven repair, 6) washer and dryer repair, or 7) exhaust hood repair.
Is it worth it for an appliance repair service to use pay-per-call?
Every situation is a little different, but many appliance repair specialists have had success with pay-per-call advertising. It’s important to have a trained representative of the company answer the phone. It should be someone who can answer questions, schedule appointments, and provide excellent customer service. Incoming calls may be about for a variety of different projects, ranging from fixing a broken cooktop to servicing a commercial ice machine.
Does PPC work for appliance repair businesses?
There are no guarantees; however, PPC is a reliable marketing channel for many local appliance services. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of company, then pay-per-click may be the right option for your business. Google and Bing both have user-friendly platforms where you can set up your first campaign. You can start driving highly-targeted traffic to your website almost right away. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own, there are many PPC agencies that can assist you. 
Can appliance repair contractors buy leads online?
Yes! Using an online lead generation service is a great way to generate new business and find new clients quickly. When a lead matches your preferences, you’ll receive a text message or email notification almost immediately. You will receive the prospect’s contact information and a short description of the project. If you’re interested in buying appliance repair leads, ProMatcher can point you in the right direction.
How much do appliance repair leads cost?
The cost of an appliance lead may vary based on 1) your geographic location, 2) the type of appliance, and the 3) appliance brand. For example, microwave oven repair leads may cost less than high-end range repair leads. Additionally, commercial job leads may be more expensive than residential leads. Make sure to ask about the lead provider’s credit policy. You want to know what happens when you receive a bad lead.
How much should appliance repair companies spend on marketing?
In most cases, it going to depend on the size of your operation. How many appliance repair technicians do you have on the payroll? How large is your service area? Realistically, an appliance service should spend somewhere between 6 and 10% of their annual revenue on marketing. To some business owners, this number might seem crazy. We know that it seems like a lot of money right now. Try not to think about marketing as an expense. Every dollar spent on marketing is an investment your business.

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