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How to Price Window Cleaning

Updated: 08/08/2018

Running a window cleaning business is no joke. It takes a lot of hard work, but striking out on your own can be very rewarding. When you are just getting started, it can sometimes be tough to decide how high to set your prices.

Check out our article below for some basic guidelines on winning window cleaning jobs.

1. Account for your overhead costs

A lot more goes into the cost of a job than just time and materials. When setting your prices, you should not forget that you are responsible for overhead costs like insurance, employee salaries, advertising expenses, and bookkeeping services.

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2. Investigate how much other window cleaners charge

Window cleaning prices vary by region, so it’s best to compare prices of other window cleaners in your immediate area. Call up some local competitors to get a sense of their pricing structures. You will want to make your prices competitive, although you do not necessarily have to lower them to the prices of other window cleaners to win the job. If you provide exceptional service, customers will be willing to pay more for quality.

3. Visit the job site in person

Unlike some other industries, window washers can usually get away with giving quotes over the phone. However, whenever possible, you should try and visit the job site in person. Customers usually appreciate the extra effort and it gives them a chance to get you know. If you do conduct a site visit, show up on time and act professionally to make a great first impression.

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4. Do not rely on handshake agreements

You should put everything in writing. Never take anything you agreed upon with a handshake or verbal confirmation as final. Your quote should be very detailed and clearly lay out what services are covered. This helps to prevent any disagreements or confusion further down the line. Be sure to outline how often the windows will be cleaned: monthly, weekly, quarterly, etc.

5. Consider every factor

Besides your overhead costs, you should take into account all the factors that vary between jobs. Consider:

- Travel time to the job site
- Crew size
- Special equipment needs
- Indoor or outdoor cleaning, or both
- Window screens
- Additional fees for one-time service

6. Do not wait too long to deliver the bid

If you wait too long to get a bid back to a customer, they might go with someone else! You do not want to rush and make a mistake, but try to work as quickly as possible. Depending on the circumstances, dropping the bid off in person can be a nice touch. If you do deliver your bid in person, consider including a brochure or business card.

7. Start with a template (it that works for you)

Starting off with a bid proposal template may be helpful if you have never put a window cleaning bid together before. You should be able to find templates designed specifically for window cleaners and installers available online. You will be able to customize the template to match your business’s particular needs.

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