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11 Helpful Tips for Marketing Your Veterinary Practice
Need help marketing your veterinary practice? Use these tips to help you find the right marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing for Veterinary Services - Questions & Answers

Question: Does my veterinary practice need a website?
Yes, a veterinarian should have a website. This is your online business card. You want to make a good first impression to every single person that visits your website.
Question: How can SEO help veterinarians?
SEO can help increase the visibility of your veterinary practice online. By ranking higher in the search engines, you can help increase the amount of traffic to your website. If your website is well-designed and user-friendly, you can turn website visitors into new clients.
Question: Can veterinarians purchase leads?
Yes, there are several lead programs for veterinarians. Buying leads can help you find new clients and grow your practice. Most lead generation services charge on a “per lead” basis. You agree to pay a set price for each veterinary lead. Prices can vary based on the quality of the lead.
Can a veterinary practice pay for call leads?
Yes, there are pay-per-call advertising programs for veterinarians. When you register, you agree to pay a certain amount of money from each incoming call to your office. People may be seeking a variety of veterinary services, including 1) emergency treatment, 2) veterinary dental care, 3) veterinary surgery, 4) end-of-life care , 5) spay and neuter, 6) pet microchip implantation, or 7) vaccinations.
Question: How can email marketing help my veterinary practice?
Email marketing can help veterinarians reach new and existing clients. A simple message with a clear call-to-action can be very effective. For example, you might send an email when you start offering a new service or a new veterinarian joins your practice. Every email should be informative, entertaining, or education. Don’t waste people’s time with overtly self-promotional messages.
Can veterinarians generate leads through direct mail?
Yes, direct mail marketing can help bring new clients to your veterinary practice. Typically, we recommend using direct mail to contact your existing clients. It can be challenging to market your business to new people with a small postcard or brochure. Although direct mail might seem old school, it can still be very effective. If you are an equine veterinarian, you can target more rural areas.
Should veterinarians advertise in the Yellow Pages?
Internet advertising has nearly put the Yellow Pages out of business. However, it’s not fully extinct yet! In some regions of the country, it’s still common practice to look someone up in the phonebook. For example, a Yellow Pages ad may provide a solid return on investment if you live in a more rural area. If you specialize in treating farm animals and livestock, this could be a great option for your business. If you live in a major metropolitan area, your marketing budget might be better spent elsewhere.
Where can a veterinarian find leads online?
ProMatcher is a great place to find lead programs for veterinarians. ProMatcher can help guide you to some of the best options out there. If you see something that interests you, we can get you in touch with the right people.
What is the typical marketing budget for a veterinarian?
Veterinarians should spend approximately 5 to 10% of their annual revenue on marketing. For some, that might seem like an unreasonable amount of money. We totally understand. If you don’t feel comfortable spending that much yet, start slowly. Try a few of the DIY marketing strategies we have talked about here. If you are not seeing the results you want, you may have to invest more time and money into your marketing plan.

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