17 Different Ways to Grow Your Snow Removal Business

Updated: 12/19/2017

We help snow removal contractors find the right marketing strategies and advertising ideas. Trying to get a new business off the ground? Want to take on more commercial jobs? Use the tips below to start generating more leads for your snow removal service this year.

Try these 17 snow removal marketing strategies to get started:

1. Don’t wait until the winter to get started

You need to start thinking about your marketing plan long before the first snow. To be successful, you need to market yourself to potential clients all year long.

2. Provide a high-quality service at a reasonable price

Customer satisfaction should be your top priority! If you don’t have many clients right now, go above and beyond for the ones you do have now. It will pay off next winter! You can count on these individuals to refer you to other people in their circle. Word-of-mouth is everything in this industry.

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3. Establish a strong web presence

A great business website can be an incredible asset to your snow removal service. This is your digital business card. A well-designed site gives you immediate credibility and can make a lasting first impression.

4. Remember to send out renewal letters

Don’t assume every customer from last year is going to call you again. You need to be proactive. Send each of your clients a renewal letter early in the fall (way ahead of snow season). For some of your longstanding clients, you can probably skip the formal letter and just send an updated seasonal contract for them to sign.

5. Put your company name and logo on each truck

This is simple way to grab people’s attention. There are a number of different ways to go about this. A car magnet can easily be removed. If you are looking for something more permanent, you may want to opt for a rear window decal or full vinyl wrap.

6. Pay for snow removal leads

Purchasing leads from a lead generation service is always an option. This is often a good way to pick up extra work during a big storm. There are tons of people out there that don’t think about snow removal – until there’s actually snow on the ground. When a lead matches your preferences, you’ll receive an email or text message with the prospective customer’s contact information within a few minutes. It’s on you to follow up quickly and provide an estimate.

7. Join online directories

If you do a Google search for “snow removal services”, you’ll find many of the top results are online business directories. It’s important to claim your spot in each directory so interested customers can find you on the web. While you’re at it, you might want to join ProMatcher’s Snow Removal Directory. It’s totally free!

8. Use a pay-per-call advertising service

Pay-per-call services specialize in driving calls directly to your office. People may be calling about a variety of services, ranging from parking lot snow plowing to driveway snow shoveling. You can usually specify what types of jobs you’re interested in ahead of time.

9. Build brand awareness

Differentiation is a major key to branding success. Why should a potential customer choose you? Are you family owned and operated? Have you been in business for over 25 years? Emphasize these unique qualities in your company slogans, printed ads, brochures, radio advertisements, and other marketing materials.

10. Expand your geographic service area

Is the local market saturated? You might be able to generate more business by traveling a little further out. Who knows? Even an extra fifteen miles might make a big difference.

11. Offer additional services to your existing customer base

What do you when snow season is over? For example, many snow removal contractors are also landscapers, deck builders, or driveway sealing contractors in the off-season. Broadening your service offering can help you make more money each year.

12. Set up a snow removal pay-per-click (PPC) campaign

If you’re not familiar with PPC already, these are the ads that you see on many search engine results page. Many snow management professionals like PPC because you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad. (Hint: Once you’re booked for the season, don’t forget to turn off your campaign.)

13. Get more online reviews

Potential customers want to know you provide a reliable service before they even contact you for an estimate. That’s why it’s so important to encourage your satisfied customers to write a positive review for your snow business. Be careful though. Some review platforms do not allow you to ask for reviews. It’s important to review each company’s terms and conditions.

14. Meet people face-to-face

It’s important for you to shake hands with people and meet up face-to-face. We can’t do everything over phone or on the Internet. Don’t just hand someone your business card and move on. Don't just email a proposal, drop it off in person. Take one of your potential referral sources out to a nice lunch. Drop off cupcakes at a prospective client’s office. Putting in a little extra effort can really pay off big time.

15. Ask people how they heard about your business

We really can’t stress this enough! This is only way you’ll find out what marketing strategies are working (and which ones are not). Don’t continue to spend money on a yellow pages ad if it’s not producing for you.

16. Put flyers in your neighbors’ mailboxes

If you’re looking to take on more residential customers, get some flyers printed and distribute them in your target neighborhoods. If you want more commercial contractors, you might have more look with another strategy.

17. Show your appreciation for each referral

Make sure to say, “thank you” to every person that refers your business to a friend, colleague, or neighbor. While a handwritten thank you note is a nice touch, you may want to take it step further. For example, you could give them a gift card or maybe a discount off their next plowing. You want this person to keep sending referrals your way.

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