8 Tips for Building the Best Locksmith Website


A professional, modern website can be a great asset to your locksmith business. How does your company website stack up against the best locksmith websites? Here are some tips to improve your business' online presence:

1. Memorable domain name

Make sure your website URL is something that people will be able to remember! Your customers should be able to find your business online with ease. If possible, your website domain should include the name of your locksmith shop. If an exact match is not available, pick something that's pretty similar.

2. Accurate, up-to-date contact information

Your business phone number needs to be prominently displayed on your locksmith website. Make it easy for someone to pick up the phone and call you for a quote.

3. Demonstrate your credibility and professionalism with testimonials and reviews

Unfortunately, the locksmith industry is often associated with unethical business practices. Let people know that you're someone they can trust by sharing positive feedback from happy customers. You can do this by adding a "Testimonials" page to your website or including links to 3rd party review websites (Yelp, Google, etc.).

4. Make sure your locksmith website is responsive

Have you ever looked at your company's website on a cell phone or a tablet? How does it look? If your website is responsive, it will look great on any screen size.

5. White space is important

Don't try to fit too much information on one page. A well-designed website will have a clean layout and plenty of white space. The design should not be overly complicated.

6. Describe the services you provide

Let people know exactly what locksmith services you provide. Do you specialize in automotive services? Do you take residential and commercial jobs? Do you install security safes? Deadbolt locks? Home security systems? It may also help to give some basic pricing information for every service you provide.

7. Include real pictures on your website

Most locksmith websites use stock photos and basic graphics. Stand out from the pack by using photographs that you've taken yourself. People want to see the smiling faces of your employees and pictures of your past work. You might even think about including a video!

8. Make it easy for people to hire you

The best locksmith websites are able to generate tons of leads - at a relatively low cost. Don't lose sight of that! Make it easy for people to reach you - however they want. Make your lead capture process as convenient as possible. Some people like to use email or online scheduling services. Others would rather pick up the phone and talk to someone.

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