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12 Marketing Ideas to Generate More Locksmith Leads


1. Partner with other businesses

Networking with the right people can go a long way. You want to build relationships with people who are frequently in a position to refer you. For example, it can be helpful to have relationships with realtors who can recommend you to new homebuyers needing to change their locks or install a deadbolt. Property managers, landlords, and contractors can also be useful connections.

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2. Establish your credibility through online reviews

While asking your customers to leave you an online review might initially seem daunting, most people are more than willing to dedicate a few minutes to providing positive feedback. Your online reputation is a crucial part of attracting new customers so don’t skip this step.

3. Work with a locksmith pay-per-call company

If you don’t want to do all of the heavy lifting yourself, purchasing calls is a great way to quickly generate some new business. Prospective customers contact you directly and you are only charged for real leads, not spam calls!

4. Give out business cards

People lock themselves out of their homes and vehicles all the time. Plus, many homes and businesses now have security systems. Sharing your business cards with friends and acquaintances is an easy way of letting them know about the services you provide. Make sure to always keep extra business cards handy. Building these relationships ahead of time means members of your social network will be more likely to call you in the future for their locksmith needs.

5. Update your website

It’s important that your company has a good-looking website. Customers want to quickly find out your service area and the services your company provides. Your contact information should be easy to find in the top corner of every page. You should make sure your website works well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

6. Buy locksmith leads

If you are just getting your locksmith business off the ground or are looking to scale up the size of your business, buying leads is one option to consider. A lead generation company can send quality leads that match your unique preferences directly to your cell phone or email.

7. Try running an ad on the radio

Advertising on the radio can still be a great way to reach new customers in a local area. A general locksmith business that offers emergency assistance could focus their ad on how quickly they can arrive on-scene. A locksmith company that offers home security services may want to highlight that they offer free, no-obligation consultations. The ad should include the best way for interested customers to contact you, such as a phone number or website.

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8. Be professional and do great work

Locksmiths deal directly in personal security so it’s important that your staff be professional and trustworthy. Customers will also appreciate businesses that answer their phones, arrive on time, and charge reasonable prices. Satisfied customers will be more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

9. Start a pay-per-click advertising campaign

Pay-per-click advertising is one way to direct more traffic to your locksmith shop's website. You can bid on high value search terms like “locksmiths near me” and “local car lockout service.” If you have a great landing page, these clicks can translate into phone calls and emails from potential customers.

10. List your business in online directories

Make sure you have a Google business listing with up-to-date info on your locksmith business. You should also list your company on other sites like Bing, Yelp, and even LinkedIn. Search engines will have trouble finding your company if it is not listed in these major directories with the correct name, address, and phone number.

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11. Advertise on trucks and vans

Wrapping your company vehicles is a great advertising opportunity! Your trucks can act as mobile billboards while parked at job sites and in driveways. This is a great way to get noticed by neighbors and passerby in your service area. Although the initial investment may seem steep, most locksmith shops find that it’s worth the money.

12. Use SEO to improve your local search rankings

This step may take some extra research on your part. Optimizing your website for local search may require the help of an SEO agency or marketing consultant. However, the benefits can be really great. If you’re a locksmith in Atlanta, wouldn’t you like to show up first on the page for “top locksmiths in Atlanta”?

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