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How Much Do Junk Removal Leads Cost?

Most junk removal leads cost between $7 and $18 a piece. However, junk removal lead prices can depend on a few variables. Keep reading below to learn more.

Updated: 04/27/2018

As a general rule, junk removal job leads cost less $20 a piece. Prices may vary based on a few items though, including your geographic location and the quality of the lead.

Where is your business located? Who are you buying the lead from? Is this an exclusive lead or a shared lead? Has the customer’s contact information already been verified? What type of service is the customer looking for? For example, freezer disposal leads may cost more than yard waste removal leads. Some lead generation services offer a discount to companies who follow up with leads quickly. Before signing up with any lead generation service, read the fine print! Are there any setup fees? Cancellation fees? What happens if you get a bad lead? Will they refund your money?

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