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Home Inspection Leads: Free Job Leads for Home Inspectors

Updated: 09/09/2019

Free Home Inspection Leads

Wouldn’t it be nice to get new leads for your home inspection business without having to pay for them? We here at ProMatcher think so! That’s why we give away home inspection leads for free. You never have to worry about a trial period or expiration date. Our leads are always free! Best of all, you can begin generating leads right away just by setting up your company profile. Join ProMatcher today and start getting more home inspection leads.

Job Leads for Home Inspectors

ProMatcher can assist home inspectors with finding new job leads. All kinds of homeowners and real estate professionals use our system to request home inspection services.

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Lead Generation Companies for Home Inspectors

Your ProMatcher profile is a great way to generate new home inspection leads, but sometimes it’s not enough. Working with a lead generation company may provide you with the additional leads your business needs to grow and succeed. Buying leads can save you time and help connect you with lots of new customers.

Remember that not all lead generation companies are the same. Our goal at ProMatcher is to help you find the best fit for your business. You’ll want to choose a lead company with good customer service that works for your budget and focuses on producing quality leads. You’ll also need to decide which lead pricing model to select. Popular options include pay-per-call, pay-per-appointment and pay-per-lead.

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How Much Do Home Inspection Leads Cost?

Each home inspection lead is priced differently because each home inspection job is different. The cost can vary depending on the location of the inspection and sometimes even the time of year. It also largely depends on the value of the job. On average, expect to pay between $10 and $25 for each lead.

Read more about the cost of home inspection leads.

Exclusive Home Inspection Leads

Another factor that can influence the cost of home inspection leads in a big way is whether or not the leads are exclusive. Exclusive leads are only sold to only one home inspector, so you don’t have to worry about competing with other companies. The tradeoff is that exclusive leads are nearly always sold at a much higher price.

Some home inspectors find it more affordable to purchase shared leads. If you can, try to purchase shared leads that are limited to a specific number of other home inspectors. It’s also important to reach out to the leads fairly quickly if you want to maximize your company's chances of securing the job.

Home Inspection Leads Near You

Most home inspectors will only inspect houses in their service territory. As a result, getting leads in cities and neighborhoods outside your service area won’t do your business much good. If you decide to buy leads from a lead generation company, make sure they can provide you with qualified prospective customers only from the locations you specify.

Click here to learn more about using a home inspection lead generation service.

How to Get Home Inspection Leads

Providing great customer service is the key to attracting new customers. For home inspectors, this means completing a thorough, accurate inspection and providing your report to your customers in a timely manner. Delivering quality service is the surest way to build a loyal following.

Unfortunately, even if you are excelling at customer service, sometimes you may still find yourself in need of more leads. Purchasing leads is one way to market your business more effectively, but there are plenty of other strategies. Check out these home inspection marketing ideas to get started!

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