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Marketing Your Home Inspection Business

13 Interesting Ways to Market Your Home Inspection Business

Running your own home inspection business is a tough job. Marketing your services might be the last thing on you mind. Even if you are short on time, there are still things you can do to generate new leads and grow your business. To help you get started, we have put together this list of 13 marketing ideas for home inspectors.

1. Provide great customer service. Marketing only works when you are committed to delivering a great service. As a home inspector, this means showing up on time, providing accurate information, and getting back to your customers quickly with the inspection report. When you do a great job, people will help spread the words about your business organically.

2. Keep brochures and business cards on hand. Don’t leave the house without a few business cards in your pocket. You never know when you are going to run into a prospective customer. You don’t have to have a large budget either. You can design and print your own flyers at home. All you have to do is buy some paper. If you need new business cards, there are many affordable business card websites.

3. Build relationships with other real estate professionals. As a home inspector, it can help to develop relationships with other professionals in the real estate industry. Just getting your name out there can help generate interest around your companyl Don’t hesitate to stop by an open house and introduce yourself to the listing agent. It doesn’t hurt to know real estate agents, appraisers, and general contractors.

4. Send out an email newsletter. Sending out a newsletter can be a great way to keep in touch with your existing customer base. The newsletter does not have to be overly complicated. This is a great place to provide advice and share your knowledge on a variety of home improvement topics. It’s important to remind your past clients that you still exist. Just sending a quick note very few months can be an effective marketing strategy.

5. Attend local networking events. Although networking websites can be helpful for some, there is no real substitute for shaking someone’s hand in person. By attending a local networking event, you can get valuable facetime with other local business owners. Make sure to take a few business cards with you. Someone may need their home inspected in the near future.

6. Try out a pay-per-call lead service. Any home inspection service can benefit from buying calls. You can purchase leads for both commercial and residential inspections. When business is slower in the offseason, using a pay-per-call service is great way to get the phone ringing again. If you miss a call, make sure to call the prospective customer back as soon as possible. You will improve your chances of winning the job by following up quickly.

7. Improve the SEO of your company’s website. With better SEO, your home inspection company’s website is more likely to rank higher in the popular search engines. When someone in your area does a search for “local home inspector” or “home inspection services near me”, you want your website to show up at the top of the results page. There are several different ways to improve your website’s visibility online. Writing great content about the home inspection process is one potential strategy. Making sure your company’s website is optimized for tablets and mobile devices is another good idea.

8. Put an ad in the local newspaper. Running an ad in the local paper is a good way to gain additional exposure for your business. The ad can be very simple. You will want to include an image or graphic in the advertisement. This could be a picture of your company’s logo or maybe even your headshot. There should also be an easy way to contact you. If someone does need their home inspected, what is the best way to reach you? The ad should include your phone number, email address, or company website.

9. Try offering a coupon. Offering a special discount is a very simple way to attract new customers. For example, you could offer a free mold test or lead paint inspection with any regular home inspection. Something simple like this can really help you stand out from other home inspectors in your area.

10. Use your vehicle as a marketing tool. This is a great idea for full-time home inspectors! A vehicle wrap is an excellent way to promote your home inspection service, even when you’re off the clock. Everywhere you go, people will see your car and think of your business. If you are not ready to commit to a full vehicle wrap, you can add a smaller ad for your business to your vehicle. Stickers and magnets can be added to the front passenger door or windows of almost any car or truck.

11. Pass out fun promotional items. People love free stuff. After every home inspection you finish, you can leave something behind with your company’s name on it. It should be something that people will use or see often. It could be a coffee mug, hat, bag, tape measure, or refrigerator magnet. The next time they need a home inspector (or know someone who needs a home inspector), they will know exactly where to find your contact information.

12. Join an association of home inspectors. There are several large professional associations for home inspectors. Many of these large, national organizations have local chapters that hold regular meetings and events. This is a great place to build relationships with other home inspection professionals. Additionally, membership in one of these organizations also helps to demonstrate your credibility and professional expertise to your clients.

13. Buy leads from a lead generation service. There’s only so much one person can do in 24 hours. If there is no time in your schedule to pass out flyers or write an email newsletter, buying leads is a great way to jumpstart the growth of your home inspection company. Buying home inspection leads is quick and easy. You decide what type of leads you want and how much you are willing to spend each month. The lead generation company does the rest of the heavy lifting. When there’s a lead in your area, the prospective customer’s contact information will be sent directly to you via text message or email.

Home Inspection Marketing – Questions & Answers

Does a home inspector need to have a business website?

You need to have to have website for your home inspection company. This is your online business card. If a past client refers your home inspection service to a friend, how will they find you online? There are many easy-to-use platforms where you can create your own website in a few minutes. If you would rather not do-it-yourself, you can find a local web design company to help you out. Either way, you need to have some sort of online presence for your business these days.

How can SEO help a home inspector?

SEO helps bring more traffic (and more potential customers) to your home inspection company’s website. You also improve your chances of showing up on the first page of many online search engines. You want your website to show up when someone does a search for “local home inspectors” or “where can I find a home inspector”. A great website with well-written content can help you convert website visitors into paying customers.

Is buying leads a good way to grow my home inspection service?

Lead generation companies provide a valuable service to many home inspectors. To put it simply, these lead providers advertise on your behalf. When there’s a new home inspection lead in your area, they will send the prospect’s contact information immediately. You agree to pay a fixed amount for each lead. It’s then up to you to call the person and set up an appointment.

Should a home inspector consider buying calls?

A home inspection service can benefit greatly from using a pay-per-call advertising service. When you sign up, you agree to pay a certain amount of money for each call. When someone needs their home inspected, they will call you directly to get a quote or get some more information about your home inspection company. A lead is not a guaranteed sale. It will still be up to you to close the deal.

How can email marketing help my home inspection business?

Email marketing can be a great marketing tool for any home inspection business. We recommend using email to keep in touch with your past customers. A simple email is a great way to remind people about your company and make sure that they remember your name. If a friend or family member ever needs an inspector, they will have your name fresh in their memory. Be careful not to overwhelm people with constant emails. Once a month or every few months is plenty.

Is direct mail a good marketing strategy for home inspectors?

Direct mail is a smart and affordable way to touch your existing client base and to find new customers. Each piece of mail should only cost you a few cents. You can even select a particular set of zip codes where you would like to find more work. A simple brochure or post card is all you need. A local print shop may even offer to help you design the mailing.

Should home inspection companies advertise in the Yellow Pages?

An ad in the Yellow Pages is going to have a better return on investment in certain areas of the country. In some regions, the Internet has almost completely replaced the phonebook. In many rural areas, the Yellow Pages are still a go-to resource for consumers. When they need a home inspector, the phonebook is the first place they will look. A well-placed ad could have enormous benefits.

Are coupons a good form of advertising for home inspectors?

A coupon can be a very good advertising strategy. We all like to save money when we can. You can include a coupon on the back of your business card or you can include a coupon in a local newspaper ad for your home inspection business. You don’t have to offer steep discounts. Even a few dollars off can make someone choose your business over one of your competitors. As a home inspector, you might offer some add-on services like radon testing or home energy audits. You can simply offer a discount on one of these additional services rather than the home inspection itself.

Where can home inspectors find leads online?

No need to look further! ProMatcher is a great place to start. We have identified some of the top lead programs for home inspection companies. You can learn a little bit more about each lead provider and select the ones that best fit your business needs.

How much do home inspection leads usually cost?

The average cost of a home inspection lead will depend on a few factors. The cost may fluctuate based on your geographic location, the time of year, and the type of inspection the person needs. For example, a lead to inspect a 5,000-square foot home may cost more than a lead to inspect a one-bedroom apartment.

How much does a home inspector need to spend on marketing?

A home inspection business should put about 5 to 10% of their gross revenue towards their marketing efforts. For some, that might seem like too much money. However, you reap what you sow. If you are willing to spend a little extra on marketing, you improve your chances of generating more revenue.