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Question: How Do I Get More Garage Door Leads?

There are so many ways to generate garage door leads and bring in new business. You can advertise in the newspaper, optimize your website for search engines, or build a following on social media. The problem with many of these options is that they can take some time to get going. If you are short on time and need leads now, you should consider using a pay-per-lead program.

Updated: 10/30/2018

Who Sells Garage Door Leads?

There are many different lead generation services for garage door installers and repair contractors. Before deciding which lead seller to use, ask some of your friends in the business if they have had any luck buying leads. If you're still not sure, do some of your own research. How long has the lead generation service been in business? Do they have a good reputation in the garage door industry? What happens if you get a bad lead? Will they refund your money?

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What Happens When I Get a Lead?

The lead generation company works to find local consumers who need to hire a garage door contractor. They may need to install a new door or replace an existing one. In other cases, the person may need a spring replaced or an automatic opener installed.

When there's a lead in your service area, you will receive an email or text notification with the lead information. This usually include the customer's name, phone number, address, and email address. Now, it's your job to call or email the customer and set up a time to meet. For some jobs, you may be able to provide a quote over the phone. The key here is to contact the customer as soon as you receive the lead. Your chances of winning the job will be much higher if you are the first garage door contractor they get on the phone.

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What Types of Garage Door Leads Are Available?

When you sign up for a lead generation service, you will need to let them know your service area and what types of leads you are interested in. You usually purchase leads for the following jobs:

1. Garage door installation
2. Garage door replacement
3. Garage door spring replacement
4. Garage door roller replacement
5. Garage door weatherstripping
6. Garage door adjustments
7. Automatic opener installation
8. Automatic opener repair

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