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How Do I Get More Flooring Leads?

The simplest way for flooring contractors to get leads is to do great work! When you do great work at a fair price, referrals will come your way naturally. The best thing about these leads? They are free!

Unfortunately, it can take time to generate positive word of mouth. If need work now, buying flooring leads can be a great stepping stone.

Updated: 07/17/2020

Where can flooring contractors buy leads?

There are many different flooring lead generation services. Before deciding which lead seller to use, make sure you do some research. How long has the company been in business? Does the company have positive reviews? What is their credit policy for bad leads? How many times do they sell each lead?

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What happens when I get a lead?

The lead generation service finds local customers who are actively looking to hire a flooring contractor. When a lead matches your account preferences, they will send you a text message or email with the potential customer's contact information. It will then be up to you to contact the prospect and give a quote for the job. Don't wait to reach out! The longer you wait, the more time they will have to find another flooring contractor. If the customer doesn't answer on the first try, follow up with another call or an email.

How much do flooring leads cost?

Many flooring contractors wonder, "Are these leads worth the cost?". Flooring leads can range in cost from $8 to 60 a piece. The cost of each lead will depend on 1) where your business is located, 2) how many times the lead is sold, and 3) the type of service requested.

Learn more about the cost of flooring leads in our latest article.

How are flooring leads categorized?

When you sign up for a pay-per-lead program, you will need to let them know what types of leads you are interested in. Leads may be categorized by the project type or the material type.

Types of leads available:

Hardwood flooring installation
Hardwood flooring repair
Hardwood floor refinishing
Tile floor installation
Tile floor repair
Vinyl or linoleum floor installation
Vinyl or linoleum floor repair
Carpet installation
Carpet repair and/or stretching

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What are the potential benefits of buying flooring leads?

- Bid on more jobs
- Find new customers
- Generate more business
- Earn more money (hopefully) Updated: July 17, 2020

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