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25 Good Name Ideas for a Dental Practice

Updated: 06/21/2018

25 Dental Office Name Examples

You can fill in the blanks with a number of different items including your city name, last name, or any word you feel describes your practice well. We've only covered the basics in this list. Keep reading below to learn more about naming your dental practice.

1. ________ Dental
2. ________ Dentistry
3. ________ Dental Clinic
4. ________ Family Dental
5. ________ Pediatric Dentistry
6. ________ Smile Center
7. ________ Children's Dental Center
8. ________ Dental Care
9. ________ Dental Studio
10. ________ Dental Wellness
11. ________ Dental Health
12. ________ Smiles
13. ________ Dental Associates
14. ________ Dental Solutions
15. ___________ Center for Dentistry
16. ___________ Center for Dental Care
17. The ___________ Dental Group
18. ___________ Cosmetic Dentistry
19. ___________ DDS & Associates
20. The Dental Center of ____________
21. __________ Dental Services
22. __________ Smile Artists
23. _________ Oral Health
24. Dental Associates of _________
25. Your Full Name, DDS

Make it obvious that you're a dentist.

First, you want it to be obvious that your business is a dental practice. When people look at the sign on the door, will they know immediately what to expect? Simply including the word “Smile” or “Dental” is usually enough.

Make sure the name is unique.

Next, you want to make sure the name of your practice is not too similar to other local practices. The goal is to be unique and memorable. If there is already a “Main St. Dental” in your town, you would not want to name your practice “Main St. Dental Center”. At this time, you may also want to see if the website domain name for your practice is available. It does not need to be an exact match, but something very similar can be helpful. When someone does an online search for your practice, you want your website to be first on the page.

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Think about including your own name.

Many dentists choose to include their last name in the name of the practice. Jones Dental Clinic or Smith Dental Wellness might be good options. You can fill in the blanks with your own name.

Use your geographic location.

Other dentists may choose to include the name of their town, county, state, or region in the name of the practice. You could go with "Midtown Smiles" or "Ocean County Dental Group". Avoid being too specific. If you were to expand your practice, would you need to change the name?

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Include your area of expertise.

If you have a specialty, be sure to include that in the name of your practice. You will immediately stand out to certain prospective patients. If your specialty is pediatric dentistry, Including the word “family”, “kids”, “children” or even “pediatric” in the name of your practice is a great idea! If you specialize in sedation dentistry or dental surgery, think about including those important keywords in the name of your practice.

Use a powerful adjective.

If you would rather not use your own in the name of your clinic, certain adjectives can serve as a good substitute. Words like “premier”, “elite”, “advanced”, or “optimal” may help to elevate your brand and attract more affluent patients.

Ask friends and family members for help.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Before settling on a name, make sure to talk it out with someone. This might be a business partner, a mentor, or even a close friend. Ask your family members for name suggestions.

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