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How Much Do Demolition Leads Cost?

On average, demolition leads cost between $15 and $65 per lead. Prices can vary significantly based on the quality of the lead and the type of services requested.

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Updated: 10/31/2018

Demolition Lead Pricing

The cost of demolition leads will vary based on a few things. The higher the estimated cost of the job, the higher the price of the lead. The following items may have an impact on the cost of each lead:

1. Where is the job located?

2. Has the lead been verified over the phone?

3. Is this a commercial or residential demolition job?

4. What type of demolition work needs to be done? (interior, exterior, etc.)

5. Is the lead being sold to more than one demolition company?

Cheap Demolition Leads

As you search online, you may run across lead companies offering “cheap” demolition leads. Be extremely wary of offers that seem too good to be true because they usually are. If the price per lead is suspiciously low, it is likely because the chances of turning that lead into a customer are equally low.

Never sign a contract or agree to pay a lead company without doing your due diligence first. If you have other friends in the industry, ask them if they have any experience buying demolition leads. Reading through a company’s online reviews is always a good idea.

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