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29 Name Suggestions for Your Demolition Business

Updated: 10/16/2018

Demolition Company Name Ideas

We've compiled this list of name suggestions to get you started. You don't have to pick one of the names from the list. Just use it to get inspired! Put your own spin on one of the names listed below.

1. Orange County Demolition

2. Champion Demolition Services

3. Mid-Atlantic Demolition & Disposal

4. Dominguez Family Demolition

5. Richmond Demolition Contractors

6. All-Pro Demolition & Junk Removal

7. AGH Property Demolition

8. PJ's Pool Demolition

9. Concrete Cutting & Demolition

10. Buffalo Excavation + Demolition

11. Detroit Demo Services

12. Grizzly Residential Demolition

13. Blue Ribbon Concrete Breakers

14. P. Jay Deconstruction + Dismantling

15. 305 Drilling & Blasting

16. PHX Full-Service Demolition

17. Graham Commercial Demolition

18. Murphy's Interior Demolition

19. Sunset Remediation and Demolition

20. Jackson Hole Wrecking Service

21. Willis Contracting & Demolition

22. Clocktower Demolition and Lot Clearing

23. Apex Advanced Demolition Inc.

24. Big Al's Demo

25. Harvey Wrecking

26. Preferred Property Services

27. Glenn Demolition Group

28. Blue Coyote Demolition and Dumpster Rental

29. The Hometown Demolition Team

Important Tips for Naming Your Demolition Company

1. Make it very clear what you do. If someone hears the name of your company, will they immediately know that your specialty is demolition? Including industry-specific keywords is a great way to do this. It doesn't have to be "demolition", but it should be something that accurately represents your business. Avoid names that are too broad.

2. Be careful not to choose a name that is too similar to another local demolition company. Do a quick Google search on your new company name before making a final decision. Does anything pop up that might be a problem?

3. Pick a name for your demolition business that you love! Don't settle on a name unless you are really happy with it. If you decide to change the name later on, keep in mind that rebranding is expensive!

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This article was last updated on September 26, 2018.

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