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34 Catchy & Clever Appraisal Business Name Ideas


34 Appraisal Business Name Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are some good real estate appraisal company names. Don’t take this process all that seriously. Don’t stress! Make it even more fun by including your family members, friends, neighbors, and peers.

1. Johnson Family Appraisal

2. Missoula Real Estate Appraisers

3. Market Street Home Appraisal

4. Bristol Appraisal Services

5. Abe the Appraisal Guy

6. Riverview Appraisers

7. Elite Team Appraisal Services

8. Beachside Property Appraisal Co.

9. Southeast Appraisal Corp.

10. Primetime Appraising

11. Grand Rapids Building Appraisal

12. Magnolia Commercial Appraisal Services

13. Beacon Hill Home Appraisal Services

14. Sacramento Appraisal Group

15. Maple Valley Auctioneers & Appraisers

16. MGK Property Appraisers

17. Downtown Appraisal Company

18. Premiere Appraisals of South Beach

19. Rosslyn Appraisal Solutions

20. Loudoun Appraisal Consultants

21. Right-On-Time Appraisal Services

22. Newcomb Home Appraisal Group

23. David & Son Appraisers

24. Pittsburgh Pro Appraisal

25. Douglasville Property Appraisal Co.

26. Advanced Appraisal Adventures

27. Glen Rock Home Appraisers

28. Shirlington Real Estate Appraisal

29. Affordable Appraisal & More

30. Bluejacket Appraisal, LLC

31. Big Cat Real Estate Services

32. Appraising Across Allenton

33. Key Asset Appraisal

34. The Boise Valuation Group

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Naming Your Property Appraisal Business

1. What are your company’s strengths?
The name of your business should reflect and highlight your specialty. What do you do best? What separates you from other local appraisers? It’s important to define your USP (or unique selling position). Is home appraisal your specialty? Do you typically appraise commercial buildings? Do you guarantee a quick turnaround time? The name should emphasize whatever makes you uniquely qualified for each new job.

2. Is the name unique?
Your appraisal service should have a unique identity. It’s important to make sure it’s not too similar to another local company. It’s easy enough to do a little bit of online research before settling on a name. Re-branding at a later time is expensive. You want to avoid this at all costs.

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Is it memorable? Catchy?
Be creative! Don't be afraid to have a sense of humor - if that’s your brand. The name can be clever. Don’t feel pressured to pick something that feels stuffy or too professional. People are more likely to remember a name that makes a lasting first impression. Humor is one way to do that.

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