Cost of Attic Fan Installation

Learn more about factors that increase or decrease the cost of installing an attic fan.
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Updated on December 09, 2014
By ProMatcher Staff, ProMatcher

Cost of Attic Fan Installation

Attic Fan Installation: Cost Factors

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The cost of installing an attic fan will increase or decrease based upon a number of factors. This article is intended to provide you a checklist of questions to ask yourself and your contractor.

This key will serve as your guide:

$0 = No additional cost
$ = Standard cost
$$ = Additional cost

Questions to Ask Yourself

Am I replacing an existing fan or installing a new unit?

$ - When replacing an existing fan.

$$ - When installing a new attic fan. (This may require ductwork, some electric wiring, and potentially cutting a hole in the roof.)

What kind of fan do I want to install?

$ - When a regular attic fan is installed.

$$ - When a solar-powered attic fan is installed. (Although these units are initially more expensive, solar-powered attic fans have zero operating costs.)

How high is the ceiling where the fan needs to be installed?

$ - When the ceiling is of average height.

$$ - When the ceiling is very high or sloped.

How big does the fan need to be?

$ - When the fan is installed in a standard attic.

$$ - When the fan is installed in large attic and requires a higher capacity fan.

What condition is the attic currently in?

$ - When the attic is easily accessible and free from damage.

$$ - When the area is difficult to reach and may contain some safety hazards.

How will the fan be controlled?

$ - When the fan is controlled manually.

$$ - When a thermostat and/or humidistat automatically triggers the fan on and off.

Will the replacement fan fit where the existing fan once was?

$ - When the new fan fits in the existing area.

$$ - When the new fan is smaller or larger than the existing one and modifications need to be made to drywall or roof in order for it to fit.

Ask the Pro:

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1. How long do you expect the installation of the fan to take?

2. What type of fan do you recommend?

3. Do any changes need to be made to the ductwork, electrical wiring, or roof to install the new fan?

4. Is cleanup included in the cost estimate?

5. Will the new fan fit where the existing fan is currently installed?

6. How loud will the fan be?

7. Does the size of the attic require a higher capacity fan?

8. What capacity fan will work best in my attic?

9. Do any precautions need to be taken during the winter to protect the fan?

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