What is an Attic Fan?

What is an attic fan? An attic fan helps to remove excess heat from the attic of a home.
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Updated on March 18, 2015
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What is an Attic Fan?

Attic Fan Installation

An attic fan prevents too much heat from accumulating in the attic of your home. The fan brings in cooler air from outdoors and exhausts the hot air that has built up in the attic. During the hottest part of the summer, attic temperatures can exceed 125° F. Over time, this level of heat can do some serious damage on your home.

Attic fans are typically installed directly in the roof or on a galley wall. While most attic fans are electric, solar-powered attic fans are also available. Although the initial installation cost is higher for these, solar-powered attic fans have zero operating costs.

What's wrong with a hot attic?

1. Your air-conditioning unit must work much harder to keep the temperature down throughout the rest of the home. Your utility bills will reflect this!

2. Allowing too much heat to accumulate in the attic may cause serious structural damage, taking years off the life of your roof.

3. Additionally, if you use your attic for storage, this extreme heat can damage your belongings.

Is an attic fan the same thing as a whole house fan?

The short answer is no. An attic fan is not the same as a whole house fan. An attic fan only works to cool down the attic. A whole house fan works to cool the entire home.

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