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Why and at what point do you need a Publicist?


In order to sell something, the public needs to know about it.

You have something that you are certain that the rest of the public needs to know about and there is no better way to spread the word about you or your product than with public relations. The amount of encouraging attention that a magazine interview or news article gets cannot compare to that of an advertisement. There is an extra sense of authority when people hear about something from a TV show or radio show. It is notably influential. Although both ads and PR are effective and necessary to properly market you or your product, you really cannot do with public relations.
PR efforts can expose you to all kinds of media. With the proper publicist, you will get the chance to tell the world whatever you think they should know, in the most effectual manner. For example, a band can land a radio interview on a hot morning show and discuss about the importance of the message behind their new album. A chef can be featured in a trade magazine and get the chance to tell the public about his new television program. The public’s interest is instantaneously provoked.


Advertisements are influential, important and necessary.

Although advertising can be an excellent way to tell the public about why they need your product, it does not come without a significant price. Even ads in local magazines can cost thousands of dollars. Plus, since the public knows that the ads are coming straight from the business, they lose their reliability.

Through the use of quality public relation efforts, a publicist can reach the public for a small fraction of the cost of an ad. Considering the cost and credibility factor, PR is much more cost-effective and efficient.


There are a million things to do before one can achieve true success.

Public relations are very time consuming. There are many words to speak, sentences to write and ideas to generate. Very few people have the time to handle an effective PR campaign, market their product and conduct “business as usual.” A publicist can take your mind off of the promotional aspects so that you can do whatever it is that you do best.


Do you know how to pitch a producer?

Very few people know what they need to do to successfully launch a powerful PR campaign. The time spent on learning every procedure, tactic and secret in addition to the probability of failing is not worth the money you save being your own publicist.
Sure, anyone can write their own press release… but do they know all the rules? Do they understand the proper format? Do they know the tricks of the trade? Can they come up with an effective angle?

Publicists can see things from a different point of view—and not just from the company’s perspective. It is vital to try and see everything from the public’s standpoint.


“Have your people contact my people.”

Believe it or not, having a publicist on staff boosts your credibility. This is basically for two reasons. First, it shows that you are serious about your product. If you did not believe it could be a success, you would not hire someone and pay for them to tell the world about it. Second, it makes you look and feel important, which in turn gives you the confidence you need to thrive.

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Need some help with public relations? We can match you to a company in your local area.
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