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What's In Your Water?

The EWG rated the water of 100 of the largest cities (population over 250,000) in the United States, Pensacola Florida was noted to have the worst water, Arlington Texas was said to have the best water, and the Phoenix area......#53

The EWG rating was based on three criteria: (1) total number of chemicals detected since 2004, (2) percentage of chemicals found of those tested for. (3) the highest average level for an individual pollutant relative to either legal limits (for regulated chemicals) and the national average concentration (for unregulated chemicals) National averages were computed using data from utilities that reported the compound.


Listed was over 2100 toxic chemicals that can cause birth defects and cancer. New testing revealed drugs that include antibiotics, anti-convulsions, mood stabilizers and sex hormones while Lead (from the old pipes) and volatile organic chemicals continue to be a major concern.

Many different Chemicals were identified as cancer causing including Arsenic, Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Copper, Chloroform, Lye, Bromodichloromethane, Dibromochloromethan, Chromium 6. (Chromium 6 became a household name after Erin Brockovich) identified residents of California had been exposed to this chemical and developed cancer as a result.

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