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Kitchen Compost Pail

Kitchen composting, for some reason, can be an overwhelming task for people. I find it super easy…I’m in the kitchen cooking anyway and I need to throw the food scraps somewhere, right? Why not throw them into a compost pile instead of the trash?

The below idea is something so silly and petty, BUT, it is making me sooo happy. I have wanted one of those fancy stainless under-the-counter kitchen compost pails for a long time. However, out of time and convenience, I just keep using a large bowl from in my kitchen cupboard. In the summer it drives my husband crazy because of fruit flies. In the winter he never complains and actually empties the bowl more frequently himself. The problem is in that we fill the bowl so quickly...sometimes multiple times a day as we go through a lot of produce.

This weekend my husband’s grandmother came for the holidays toting two full bags. Each bag held two containers, both filled with fudge and cookies of three varieties. When she left this morning, she left the cookies (and consequently the containers) behind. Two of these were plastic ice cream containers…one of which is now my kitchen compost pail. It is square, has a tight fitting lid, and a handle, making it really easy for any of us to empty into the outdoor compost bin. It's super easy to tip into our composter outside, and I don't need to wash it, other than a rinse, but every couple of days because of the great lid. It is square in shape, so it fits really well on my small countertops and tucks out of the way easily.

So here’s a shout out to the Schwann’s ice cream company (for the original container contents) and to grandma for leaving the would-be recycled container with us, for now it has a new life and value in my world. So ridiculously simple, though so completely satisfying.

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