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What are You Writing?

What are you writing? Is it a message that stems from the heart, a haunting nightmare? Is it fear? Or is it faith?

How’s that book in your head? When your thought life reads the pages, does it hear a message that is self-pleasing, or one that connects to a need or a specific need or want to a particular audience? Do you write to please yourself? Or others? Or do you do both?

Do you write for money, or pleasure? Or a little in between? Are you a writer who speaks, or are you a speaker who writes?

Does it even matter? Absolutely.

As a person who works in publishing, I read query letters all the time. The one thing I have observed in writers is lack of focus on what they write and why. Is this detail important? Can’t a writer write fiction, and non-fiction? Or both?

The answer is yes. The answer is no.

Yes anyone can write anything at anytime. However, better writers focus their energy on specific writing tasks. The level of skill goes up with the amount of concentrated effort.

What sells is genre-specific, high-quality writing. If you want to be published in the mainstream market and become well-known, ask yourself when you sit to write:

Where do I want to go?
What am I writing?
Will this get me there?

These are tough questions. If you don’t know the answers to them, why not take time today amidst and make it a priority to answer them? Trust me. It will not only help you understand your purpose better. But it will definitely ignite your passion for writing, give you clarity and help your writing.

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