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Should You Smash Your Words?

Writers every where are frustrated with the traditional publishing route and the ever-increasing gatekeepers to the almighty book in print. So, in desperation writers flooded e-publishing on Amazon, in hopes of having sales sky-rocket. The sad story for many indie e-published writers is that the stream of new books became a flood gate that burst open, and titles were covered by the wave faster than you can type tsunami.

Visit Smashwords. The news on e-publishing and indie authors is that despite a dip in the number of self-published authors posted on Amazon, authors are not giving up the dream of seeing their words in print. The latest increase in e-publications can be seen by Smashwords.

What is Smashwords anyway? Is it legitimate? Can it help new writers get the visibility that they long for?

According to a blog post dated Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 by the original Smashwords blog Authors are being helped all around the world on the sale and publication of their books. You can review the details of their self-conducted study here.

To make the publishing process easier for writers, Smashwords has dedicated a few useful tools to their potential clients for free. One of which comes in a The Secrets to E-book Publishing Success.

Smashwords has also put together a small video for writers to help them understand how data drives sales. If you are interested in watching this video here’s the link.

Every coin has two sides. When I first heard of Smashwords, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical but mostly due to piracy issues related to content theft. But I had also heard some stories about the layout of books published on Smashwords. Still, many authors that I respected as people in their chosen professions determined to use it as a stream of visibility in self-promoting their books. The 2012 Review of last years success for indie authors reveals that electing to use this company might not have been such a bad idea.

What are some simple steps a writer can take to help make a wise decision on whether or not Smashwords is one way get their book out? Platform-Power-News compiled a list of reviews for you to use here. Let us know your experiences too, and if there are any other good advise that we missed.

This statement was taken from a blog posted by The Digital Reader on Smashwords, ” The good of Smashwords is that it is a place where one can find true gems, true masterpieces among the slush, and find them at very reasonable prices. Some excellent, even outstanding, authors I have found at Smashwords are Richard S. Tuttle, Vicki Tyley, Shayne Parkinson, Lee Goldberg, Catherine Durkin Robinson, Saffina Desforges, and Markus Kane. The bad of Smashwords is how difficult it can be to find these authors.”

In an blog post by The Independent Publishing Magazine Mick Rooney states that Amazon still gives the visibility that a writer needs, but Smashwords allows writers more control over format for any reader without any problem. This is an important consideration for individuals who want to maximize their downloads when selling a book. As in all sales format is important, and if you’re selling an e-book, wouldn’t e-reader friendliness be a must? We say, YES!!

Then, there is another blogger who decided to write 500 reasons to love Smashwords. She included in this list the ability to give friends and family coupons towards the purchase of her book, (who doesn’t love coupons!?!)

So, the bottom line is Smashwords is the most e-friendly in format, but the most difficult in navigating to find those writers you love. If you’re a writer that hasn’t felt the love from your would be readers, this is a problem. But it’s a good problem to have because it is one that can be solved. How? By building a platform that gives you the visibility that gets you out there.

Platform-Power Step 1: Remember it’s important to work your social media daily! Don’t have social media. Get some.

Platform-Power Step 2: Hire a marketing pro to help you build your social media strategy. Someone like Platform-Power can help you to do and not break your budget.

Platform-Power Step 3: Build a brand when you promote yourself that reflects you and that is memorable.

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