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What Could You Get Done in Ten Hours if Someone Else Did Things for You?

Let’s face it, you’re strong, diligent and thorough, but you’re only one person! We often try to compete in insurmountable ways and on numerous playing fields and we often triumph over the seemingly impossible, but what if we could amplify our potential by adding that one key element…ASSISTANCE!!!

What if we took the time to really look at our calendars and say, “I can’t do everything by myself! I only have two hands!”

“One thing you never want your business to become is a job”

We are Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, Sisters, Brothers, Sons and Daughters; there are so many things that tie into our daily lives that juggling everything takes on a life of its own. CHAOS!!! And you know what I’m talking about; that Tuesday afternoon that feels similar to the Monday before, where almost every client you have has an issue, your assistant (if you have one) is off for the day and your family member wants you to attend a function right at 4pm, downtown, and you still haven’t mapped out how you are going to resolve your customer’s issues.

Again I ask, what could you get done in 10hrs if someone else was handling things for you, the way you’d handle them, in the timeliness that you’d handle them and with the care and professionalism to retain all of your angry customers?

Delegation is a big step for any business owner, small or conglomerate. You are only as good as the team behind you! Knowing that you have a backup plan in case things get crazy is a security every business owner should have! Don’t get behind in the everyday tasks that keep your business functioning, DELEGATE! The most successful of business owners practice this on a daily basis. They know that in doing so, this will allow them to have the time to really tap into their inner Entrepreneur.

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