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Turn a bad eMail List into a Great One

If you have ever used a mass mailing email marketing campaign, you
know how they promote their services. The appeal is that, in
theory, the service has collected a large amount of valid email
addresses that they guarantee will go to real potential internet
customers. For a fee, they will take your marketing message and
broadcast it to that large customer base and the outcome will be
that you will see a percentage of those customers visit your web
site or respond to the email and from that percentage, a smaller
percentage will become paying customers of yours.

There are two problems with this marketing model. The first one is
that no matter how you dress it up, by buying into that kind of
marketing program, you are becoming a spammer. Now, it is bad
enough that the explosion of spam in the email world has made life
difficult for the average cyber citizen and that those cyber
citizens are the human beings you want to turn into your customers.
But a by product of spam has also made life a lot harder for you
and I, the average internet marketing business person.

Life has gotten harder for us because of spam because of the
reactionary explosion of spam filtering software being used by
internet citizens and ISPs as well and those filtering programs are
aggressive and successful which means many of your emails never
make it to the customers but disappear into spam holding tanks to
eventually be deleted. So because of this fresh problem, email
delivery failures have skyrocketed which has seriously harmed the
value of email marketing which is what we were hoping to use to
prosper our online businesses in the first place. Ironic, isn't it?

The second problem with that marketing model is that the large
email mailing list that the service brags about is of dubious
value. For one thing, you may or may not know how they harvested
those emails. The odds that every one of those email addresses is
a valid customer email are very low. You have low confidence in
that mailing list and the only thing that makes up for that low
confidence is the huge number of email addresses that they have on
that mailing list.

A large mailing list is not a good mailing list if it results in a
low percentage of new customers, customers who purchase at low
basket totals and customers who do not return for repeat sales.
This is why a new marketing model is called for that abandons the
mass mailing approach and abandons your participation in spam which
only makes you an accessory to the crime.

That new marketing model calls for you to look to your existing
customer base of clients who are already active users of your
products and services and begin to build a much smaller but much
higher value email mailing list of customers you actually know and
that you know are high volume buyers who come back again and again
to buy from you. This approach to building your email list starts
at the end, with customers who already fit the profile of what you
are looking for and it builds out from there.

You can use that solid customer base to then build a larger
customer base that will also be loyal customers who will return
solid sales to you for your efforts. Through referrals, viral
marketing, contests and give aways, you can excite your customer
base to share their love of your products and your web site and
bring in like minded friends and family members who will then
become part of your high quality mailing list as well. Then you
repeat the process and build your mailing list slowly over time.

This process results in a much smaller mailing list but one that
you can be confident that they will respond to your emails.
Whereas working with a mass marketing service, you may see a 1%
response rate and a 1% sales rate from that response group, you can
look for a much higher percentage of response and sales from your
high quality email contact list because you already know them and
you know they will come back again and again to buy from you.

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