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Recovery Hinges on The Small Business Entrepreneur

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some of the biggest decisions made by the leaders of this country in the past 2 years have resulted in massive debts owed and not enough jobs created. We can all recall the trillions of tax-payer dollars that went to shore up the toxic financial portfolios of the world’s biggest banks, insurance companies and even most of the auto industry came when they flew in their private jets to Washington singing the blues to a very apathetic congress who was asleep at the wheel in the first place.

What resulted was a very weak tongue-lashing from the powers that be and they all walked out of there with a “Big Fat Check” to keep the lights on as they say. Meanwhile, the layoffs at these same companies were so staggering that the economic wheels came off as the triggered effect has set fear and a lack of trust into the hearts of many businesses and families across the entire globe. And now the world’s largest banks have adapted the new business model of being simply a credit card company that will fee you to death because they are too afraid to be a bank and lend money to businesses and homebuyers. Is this Your Nightmare?

Wake Up People! Corporate America is Dying all around us! It’s on freaking life support okay, and if you are one of the poor shlubs waiting for it to come back to life and give you your job back, man “I pity the fool” as Mr. T would say. Truth is, many of the jobs that Americans used to fulfill have become expendable as the internet allows us to hire a book keeper in the Phillipines who will do all of our data entry and book keeping for $2.22 per hour and she is thrilled to be our book keeper. If we hired a local book keeper here in Pittsburgh, it would cost minimum $15.00 per hour and you would most likely get an employee who will show up to do just enough work to not get fired and then complain to the rest of the office that they are overworked and underpaid. This goes beyond just the outsourcing as a cost savings model. The lack of accountability and responsibility in this country has allowed many to become lazy and weak-minded and we need a serious attitude adjustment to bring this economy back to life or we might as well all line up on top the Empire State Building, say F@!# It and just jump. When somebody loses their will to fight, it really makes me sad and angry at the same time. It’s sad to watch the life drain from someone’s spirit and it angers me to know that person is allowing it to happen. You want to grab them and shake them and wake them out of that recession coma they are in.

This recession has touched at least 1 person we all know and it happened to our family too so we can relate to the fear that a family of 5 goes through when they go from a 2 income household down to 1 and then ZERO in less than 4 months, as was the case for us. We understand the hard decisions that need to be made in these times when you can either pay your mortgage this month or you can feed your 3 kids, but you can’t do both. While many of our friends who also got downsized were fighting for the scraps of job opportunities available, we made the decision to restructure our real estate investing business model to adapt to this new economy and create tremendous value to real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

The real solution to fixing this economy is going to come from the creation and development of new small business owners and entrepreneurs who have the guts to act in the face of fear and to make key, constructive decisions that can pioneer growth and opportunities in the new economy. Whether it’s developments and breakthroughs in the medical field, technology, real estate or new small businesses, great leadership, passion and the drive to succeed will be necessary to make any kind of significant impact in this troubled economy. Pittsburgh’s Cash Flow City Club is devoted to creating new business owners, entrepreneurs and investors by providing a professional atmosphere where some of the area’s best business leaders can network and socialize with some bright up-and-coming talented individuals and businesses in the Cash Flow City of Pittsburgh – America’s #1 Best Place to Live & Invest.

With great leadership from Jon Perry and Terence Young of Property Placement LLC, the club looks to grow it’s membership base both on-line and at live events. Jon and Terence are actively buying, selling, rehabbing and renting commercial and residential properties in Pittsburgh. Local investors, boroughs and banks are also finding the value of partnering with Property Placement LLC for community development to be very lucrative and rewarding at a time where government programs are being cut due to lack of funding. Property Placement LLC is implementing high-level strategies and solutions to bring new tax money into local coffers while making physical upgrades to homes and commercial buildings at NO COST TO THE CITY and our INVESTORS MAKE MONEY!!!

Monthly free meetings are currently being held at the Net Worth Builders Academy in Penn Hills. This Real Estate, Business and Networking Club meets the first Friday of every month starting at 7 pm and ends around 9 pm. Contact us for details.

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Need some with real estate investing? We can match you to a professional in your local area.
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