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Future Of New Homes

Man has always looked to future as the pinnacle of progress. Since the industrial revolution, the rapid development of technology has pushed us closer to our goal. Transportation and housing have always peaked our interest when looking to the future of design. Many movies, books, and even television shows have been set in the distant future. Futuristic residential constructs have been depicted on the Earth, the moon, and even distant planets, but how realistic are their designs?

When comparing the energy efficient designs of new homes to the dwellings of the past, it's truly remarkable how far we have come. Even just forty years ago, asbestos was being used as a miracle mineral for insulating buildings. Now, we know the medical consequences of using asbestos and can use safer alternatives in the design of new homes. There have also been drastic improvements in the design of windows from double pane glass to radiant barrier windows. With the many developments made to improve energy efficiency in houses, the question is - what's next?

In the coming years, the design for new homes may change drastically. In urban areas, there is a major fight for space. With overcrowding in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, New York, and cities all over the world, there is a great need for efficient design. Architects have gone to the drawing board, developing possible solutions. The designs are all as stunning as they are effective. Of course, these designs are mostly hypothetical, but they could become a reality if populations continue to grow. The designs utilize space in creative ways, from stackable units, to interconnecting "terra" towers, to overhanging houses that occupy the unused space above roads. The possibilities are endless, and that's why it's so fascinating!

Perhaps it will become standard for houses to run on solar power. The roofs of suburbia would be lined with solar panels. Or, it's possible that residential areas could become self-sustaining ecosystems on the moon or Mars. Who knows? That's why we will continue to look to the future, taking residential development in strides. After all, indoor plumbing wasn't used in most homes until the 1800's. Look how far we've come! Now, new homes can have spa tubs, floating vanities, waterfall showers, and more. That's all just in the last 200 years.

Looking at our recent depictions of futuristic houses, it's safe to say that designs will be made sleeker and cleaner. Most futuristic designs show all-white rooms, with clean lines and hidden storage. The streamlined aesthetic allows for optimal use of space. On the other hand, there has been a major push for the eco-friendly materials, which has generated the market for recycled construction materials. From recycled glass windows to recycled composite counter tops, newer buildings are going green.

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